Festival hemp HempCon 2010

In Los Angeles, hosted an exhibition of medical drugs, where the public could get acquainted with the methods of drying and manufacturing marijuana and even buy a pair bulbulyator ... of course, if you have permission from a doctor.

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1. Customers visiting and trying heating "plant" room, which uses an advanced method of growing plants in a special room with no smell. Entrepreneurs in the thriving business in California medical marijuana rented 6503 square meter exhibition center in Los Angeles, to hold an exhibition called «HempCon 2010". (Ken Hively)

2. Kitty Warner of San Clemente (left) and Christy McHugh of Torrance laughing at the window with glass flasks and tubes made Sheldon Black - master in the manufacture of special equipment for smoking marijuana. (Ken Hively)

3. Kelly Fleming from Long Beach original way to advertise your company «Vortex», which manufactures portable water bulbulyator. (Ken Hively)

4. General view of the stands at the exhibition «HempCon 2010". (Ken Hively)

5. Kevin Kinsey from Downey sniffing soap with the scent of cannabis (according to label). The label inscription: "Do not smoke, wet!". Manufacturer - Jason and Jenny Wilhelm Colorado. (Ken Hively)

6. From left to right: Bruce and David Tobia Perlovin of «Medical Marijuana, Inc.» - the first American company, the opening of trading of medical marijuana. Previously, both had problems with the law because of illegal drug use, but now they are - real businessmen. (Ken Hively)

7. The prices of some pipes and cups from Sheldon Black. (Ken Hively)

8. The visitors fill out questionnaires at the stand of the Medical Center of natural products, where they can get a card in the use of marijuana for medical purposes. (Ken Hively)

9. Artificial hemp leaves on the stand «Clinic 420" - a consulting company on issues related to medical marijuana. (Ken Hively)

10. Caroline Bullard - owner of the company «Reseda Wellness Center» - carries a mannequin at the exhibition «HempCon 2010". (Ken Hively)



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