Dancing Forest

In the Kaliningrad region, in a national park Curonian Spit has a unique place called "The Dancing Forest».

The ancient Prussians was a belief that twisted into a ring of trees are the gateway to the spirit world. It was believed that the last of these gates can get rid of the disease and return to our world healthier and, in some cases, who gained supernatural powers. Or, for example, there is a legend that if you get through the bending of a pine against the flow of time (that is, from west to east), then add to his year of life.

To understand the phenomenon of Dancing Forest tried many scholars put forward a variety of hypotheses.

Invited here and psychic. Even a few meters, according to local residents, he felt something was wrong, and then came to the conclusion - this place has a strong power, and recharge can be a little, but did not go very depths, restricting only the outskirts of the mysterious forest.

Employees of the National Park in a clean mystique still do not trust and believe that the whole point of geomagnetic fields. Their action in this area is strong enough.


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