"Travel in Russia: The Soviet Union today"

While doing a topic for some reason does not leave a feeling of anxiety.

Then I realized, it's just envy.

Envy, when you look at the facial expressions of these people.

They have real faces. Not like in today's photos, however they were not staged ...


The author writes, valkorn:

In 1977, the National Geographic Society (US) has issued this book journalist Bart McDowell and photographer Dean Conger - 370-page work on "personalized geography", a portrait of the vast country and its people. Two Americans traveled all fifteen republics, visited dozens of cities, the result of a two-year odyssey began a detailed account of the Soviet Union. The book introduces the reader to Western history, culture and way of life of the peoples of the Soviet Union, almost without affecting the acute political issues. Critics, pretentiousness, protrusion defects is not there - "Journey ..." resembles a mixture of Soviet textbooks of geography and history, filed on behalf of a living person and loss of ideological indoctrination.

A couple of years ago drugoi shows a selection of pictures of Dean Conger, the draft National Geographic it almost does not intersect. 345 photos from the book I scanned a few dozen. All are made in the period from 1966 to 1975, separately shots, unfortunately, are not dated.

Bring them together with a translation of signatures.

First Day of School - Ukrainian mladsheklassnitsa proudly posing in dress uniform, decorated with lace collar and cuffs.

The Many Faces of the Soviet Union.

Morozhenschitsy on Khreschatyk, the main street of Kiev.

Girls admire the "Danae" by Rembrandt from the famous collection of the State Hermitage.

Akademgorodok near Novosibirsk. The doctor examines the girl underwent open heart surgery.

Residential buildings in the cubist style tower above the restored streets of Tashkent - the largest Soviet city to the east of the Urals.

Winter Yakut builders do not give a freeze mortar using electric heaters and salt additives.

Large shopping centers and a new movie theater in Togliatti - "Detroit on the Volga."

Children look out of the car on the Trans-Siberian Railway Station. At the time of shooting the temperature outside the train reached -40 degrees Celsius.

Veteran Abram Morduhovich and acting colonel Dmitry Boyarkin lunch compartment convoys carrying the Trans-Siberian.

Candlelight reflected in the eyes of young Leningradka. Foreigners often say Russian expressive eyes.

The kid from Murmansk gesture responds to the question, how old he is. Soviet children regularly play outside in sub-zero temperatures.

Casual wear Kyivites meets global fashion trends.

Worker support-demonstration farm "Saku" near Tallinn briefly looked up from the hay.

Stylishly dressed students of Yerevan University diverge after school.

Latviyka icon is an icon of the distant United States - obviously a tourist gift. (The inscription on the icon: Ā«Virginia is for loversĀ» - VC)

Over the crossroads in the center of Samarkand tower ruins Bibi-Khanum in restorative forests.

Officers of the army and navy frozen columns headed: city escorts recruits Orchestra and solemn speeches.

The newlyweds are photographed in front of the Palace of Marriages. In Alma-Ata, as well as across the country, these institutions are managed by the municipal authorities.

Odessa believers listen attentively baptiskogo priest. Some of the more than a thousand parishioners recorded sermon on tape.

Each bottle of Moldovan wine is a first-class quality mark - the image of a crane with a bunch of grapes.

Family Ukrainian farmer's Michael Boyko owns a small house. They grow their own pigs, chickens and ducks.

Post Office Savings Bank and the collective farm Shevchenko in the village of New Tsybli. Deposits bring 2-3 per cent per annum.

Bright sunlight to melt the heart of a young man. The emblem on his jeep means that we face an officer of the SGP, the mobile police groups. A banner in the background reflects the transformation of Tobolsk from the picturesque wooden town in boiling industrial center.

Concrete canopy hangs over the cafe regulars "Pearl" in Baku.

Riga is often called the Paris of the East European. Bold graphic design modern city has added features.

Under the protection of plastic and denim Tallinn couple crosses one of the streets of the Old Town, ignoring the typical Baltic fog and rain.

Women regulirovschitsy in Khabarovsk. Soviet constitution declares equality of the sexes.

Arctic winter may cause a delay in development, so Murmansk children prescribed vitamins and UV irradiation sessions. (Popular among Western press photographers plot similar picture in a book in 1987 "Day in the Life of the Soviet Union" - VC)

A small flag in his hand kindergartners stops traffic on Estonian roads.

Leningrad. Nevsky Prospect is decorated on the occasion of the 7th November, the next anniversary of the 1917 revolution.

Children playing in the snow in one of the courtyards of Murmansk, the largest city in the Arctic.

The suburbs. The guide tells about the tactics of Russian troops in the Battle of Borodino.

Odessa. Female teenagers stopped to buy "mineral water" - soda from a vending machine.

On the "procedures" in Yalta sanatorium. The Black Sea coast is densely covered with a network of resorts and spas.

Like other cities of the USSR, Alma-Ata pays tribute to Lenin.

On the Volga Automobile Plant, including directly on the assembly line, has 111 thousand women.

November 7 - is not only a demonstration of military power, but also a holiday when the river pouring champagne and vodka, and in the hands of students and their girlfriends popping balloons with paper flowers.

Yakut People's Artist Gabriel wheel is ready for stroganina author Bart McDowell (right) and translator Gennady Sokolov.

Rest of the Leningrad couples: evening to the sound of plates with vodka and a light dinner.

White Nights in Leningrad. A group of students graduation marks.

Soldiers on leave posing for a souvenir photo with a cartoon character.

The cheapest model "Lada" is worth 5600 rubles ($ 7420) in the country, but abroad the price of these machines more attractive: only $ 1,900.

Helicopter "Aeroflot" deliver supplies to herders in the Far North.

Clerk oversees the movement in the arctic port.

On the streets of Ulan-Ude is clearly visible ethnic heterogeneity of the region: flash and Buryat, and Slavic face.

Trans-Siberian Railway. Young traveler befriended soldiers and rehearsing military salute.

BAM. Caretaker moving Varvara Kupov - Siberian newly formed, moved from the European part of Russia.

Photographer Dean Conger (right) and translator Gennady Sokolov in Irkutsk.

Endpapers of the book of the card time zones and climates, in the pocket - administrative map wall format.

And under a jacket showed St. Nicholas.




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