The gambling zone "Azov-City": A day in the life of Pok

Photo report from Russia's only legal casino, which is located in the gaming zone "Azov-City." That is where our heroes went to visit and highlight the first all-Russian poker tournament. (Warning: Vocabulary and spelling retained the author)
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As with all such trips, this has turned quite suddenly and quite adventurous.
1. Thus. Three poker players, and I'm in the role of "coach on poker from Nizhnevartovsk", went to Russia's only legal casino in the gaming zone "Azov-City" in the first all-Russian poker tournament.

2. The road from Rostov looked funny. We drove, drove. And they came. Asphalt blunt ended. It started field.

3. In the most vivid experience - catch up with us in the car who was asked - "Lads, and where is this" x @ ynya. '" And once it was clear that people are also going to play poker.

4. In general, two to three kilometers through the field, and we have in place.

5. Greeted well. We must pay tribute to the organizers of the tournament. Spets.beydzhami supplied on call, to be able to take pictures inside the casino, and of helping to solve other issues.

6. We went inside, went to register.

7. From my "wards", the two attended. The contribution of three thousand from the nose.

8. impressive prize fund. From 100 thousand for the first 6 to 12 th.

9. On the day when we arrived, there were two tournaments. One involved 108 people, another 112 spectators were somewhere else people 100. In general, people were well, the mood was excellent.

10. While waiting for the start of the tournament, of course squander loot went to all sorts of devices for this very prosazhivanie.

11. poglazeli the main artifact of the competition - a bracelet winner. Yes, they have so poker - bracelet winners.

12. Zone game.

13. Training.

14. They went out into the street, poglazeli like dusk. Beautifully in general.

15. The tournament starts at 8 pm. While waiting for time to look at all corners of the gambling hall.

16. A stay at the bar (the price at the level of very average, but the food good

17. The viewing area for summer eating.

18. By the way, I also played. He lost in the machines 150rubley. Then he borrowed from satannf 50rubley to play electronic roulette. She won her 200re. To repay a debt and more in what was not playing. But roulette is definitely liked.

19. Thus, the tournament begins.

20.Fishki razdali.Igroki gotovyatsya.Nekotorye cheerful.

21. And some tense.

22. thoughtfully ...

23. Meanwhile, the tournament began.

24. Bids cards. Everything is twirled ...



27. Somehow I survived until the break. They went out to breathe. It was already dark.

28. During the break for our players hoisted lady.

29. The game went back.

30. It is important to think everything through.

31. While liked to be photographed with the lady.

32. The hall gradually emptied. One of our players left, the second fought like a lion.

33.Stavki grow. There is a growing tension.


35. Money is still a lot at stake.

36. And now near the final table. Our player Sergei, has entered into a prize dyuzhininu and slowly but surely moving towards the first place.

37. The final table.

38. When a player is 9, they decide not to come to grief, and to divide the prize money equally. Uneven remainder in open play. We were quite happy with this turn.

39. The result, 6 th place in the tournament (112 participants), a good win and a sea of ​​emotions and good mood.



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