Wild Russian metal

Here they are real fans of heavy metal, hard- and glam rock in Russian.
PS: Beware! The theme of the carpets is detected!
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without reproach, without blemish
and niadnavo Boyana!
Fresh, true test metal
Music all the rest - cal!

wall carpets weigh
Reach axes!

A good carpet, fresh
Knives reach for fucking!

Lyubeshov you listen to grindcore?
pakupay then kavёr!

even know the school children
like the toilet

Wool Vampire Yegor
Transformed into carpet.

I'm not a fag, I - brutal
Metalist and Extreme!

Let littered the horizon, and in carpets apartment
We feel sorry for you! Do you in fact do not have inner peace!

Fucking young
Nikagda you do not understand
What is rock 'n' roll
Shkolota damn, fuck em all

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