Production of gypsum Marble Lake

A Tell me how I'll mined gypsum, writes blogger and traveler zizis.
If you think that the production of gypsum does not concern you, it is very much mistaken. Gypsum almost everywhere - in building materials, hospitals, jewelry, works of art and even, as they say, in makdonaldsovskih buns. What about the buns I will not argue, I do not drink, but the fact that this unique substance gtpoallergennoe haunts us throughout life and a little later - a fact.
But where does it come, I will show the example of the company "Knauf Gypsum Baskunchak».
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Well, let's brief about the process, and then a photo of large and powerful machines.
Here in this career mined gypsum. Working for the needs of Volga region began in 1897, and the pit formed in 1927. Gypsum plant was built in 1932, and in 1949 introduced the quarry excavator development.

The company employs close to the old Soviet mastodons and new cars. As we were assured in the company's management, Soviet equipment will soon be completely replaced by modern foreign. As for me, so great appliances, electric. You see a stone in the bucket? It is about three meters in diameter.

Chipped off pieces of rock in a large ship 20-ton dump trucks. Here there are BelAZ
Yes, it was. After the collapse of the Soviet Union began to plant JSC "Mineral" and then in 1998 the shares were bought by a German company Knauf.

Here BelAZ. Tipper deliver rock to stone crusher. The speed of a career is not more than 60 km \ h in town.

Large pieces of rock are unloaded in crushers. One machine is unloaded, and the second is set for unloading, a third were approaching.

Receiving opening crushers. It is terrible to imagine what was happening inside.

Huge chunks are crushed to 5-10 mm pieces and fall onto a conveyor. Unfortunately I do not know the name of this building.

And poured into heaps for further handling and transportation. Piles, it must be said, is not small, the height of a three-story house. I tried to climb up on one of them, but was stopped in the middle, you can not.

However, I stayed here in the memory of this photo

A more courageous drivers carry shredded pieces of rocks to the factory where the plaster Mellat in flour and add all sorts of additives for plasticity, Kohler and other chemicals.

Here is the stone crusher from the side.

Unfortunately, the rules did not allow internal Safety general director show us the whole cycle of production, but it is very popular and pobrobno explained to us in words.

It additives for various mixtures. They are introduced into the plaster on certain secret recipe, it all depends on the requirements of the material

After grinding of gypsum and mixing it with additives get ready for construction or facing the mixture. It is packaged, stamped and packaged products on the pallets.

On the production employs local residents. And for a place to stay here is very strong, stable kguglogodichnaya salary and a no social package to find in these places is very difficult.

Dmitry Andreyevich spoke about a few degrees of protection products against counterfeiting. Most of these protections will see only a professional, but we can come in handy a couple of obvious. On the front side of the bag being done sticker that changes color at the touch of a hand.

If you buy products Knauf, and virtually every major manufacturer, look for the stamp. There should be the date and time of production until the second. If one party dies all the same - this is an obvious fake.

Let's go back to the quarry and take a look at the nature of this place and big cars.

"Wild lifeless desert" ... It seems to be the only green bush that I saw there.

That these stones lies the village of Middle Baskunchak.

And now the machine. They have nothing to talk about, yellow, large and powerful. Therefore, no further text.




Here's another handsome. On electricity.

Roads in the career of constantly spilled water from Lake Marmara. The water is pure, even in the photo can be seen.

This is the lake. Unfortunately, access to it is closed - production ...

Our conductor Olga regards gypsum. I did not expect it so cool. Soft warm stone, almost plush

Here is the part of the quarry. For heaps can not see anything.

Throw a farewell glance at Nizhniy Baskunchak and the lake, they say "goodbye»



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