Anthill at home

Did you know that all the ants in an anthill - girls? Even harsh, militant-looking men, in fact, the soldier's wife. Boys ants are only required at the time of reproduction and only once! (And if this time will be a failure?) During the breeding season the winged princes and princesses leave the anthill in search of a partner. After mating, the princess cast the wings, and the princes of skates ... :( And then once the female carries the eggs for about twenty years !!! By the way, no other insect in the world does not live as long as the queen ant. True worker ants live one to five years.

Fertilized, throwing wings uterus begins to look for a suitable hiding place. If you find, will pick up and plant it in a test tube with a wet cotton swab, you will become mirmikiperom;)


Thus, in vitro, we became a bit crowded. Camponotus fellah ants are quite large. Working around a centimeter in length, and mamashka and soldiers twice larger. More than forty workers from already struggling offspring were placed in a test tube, and I decided to build ant farm (artificial anthill). The principle is simple - pour drink so you need to cast from plaster or plaster block with ready passages and rooms that will have access to the arena, and the ability to humidify the ventilation design. Information on the Internet sea! And with all this, the first time always act.

A box of chocolates will be at the scene. The top is cut to the arena is well ventilated. The edges will be missed the mark lip gloss to the ants could not get out of it.

Cut off walls in a box for beads, cut holes for ventilation, humidification and input. He made a sketch of the interior.

According to the sketch position under the glass, the glass molded interior so they made the most of the depth of the box, but did not reach the back wall. One camera stands alone - a humidification chamber. At the top it is inserted into the tube for cocktails (two cameras on it have the appropriate form for the passage of the tube).


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