Reconstruction of the Battle of Hastings

October 9 history buffs gathered for the reconstruction of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 on the same field where the battle took place last Saxon King Harold and William Duke of Normandy for the English throne.

15 Photo © Matthew Lloyd / Getty Images

1. Police and history buff Nigel Amos played the role of the Duke of Normandy.

2. History lovers, a teacher by profession, Ken Kinreyd "played" the role of the leader of the Anglo-Saxons - King Harold.

3. reenactors dressed as Saxon and Norman warriors were ready for the event. The festival is held every year around October 14 - the anniversary of the Battle of

4. Archer

5. Each year, in imitation of the battle involved hundreds of people.

6. 5-year-old Josie White posing for a photograph.

7. Member demonstrates his talent swordsman

8. Levi Tierman-Politti, loader by profession, poses for a photo in the form of a Saxon warrior.

9. Participants are preparing for battle.

10. Horse Warrior offensive line infantry

11. Archers take aim and get ready to shoot.

12. In the boom used in the reconstruction of the battle, put the rubber tip

13. Battlefield


15. Enthusiast dressed warrior preparing for the "death" in battle.



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