Record the length of trolleybus lines

In October 1958, the Council of Ministers issued a decree on the construction of long-distance trolleybus mountain road in Crimea.
Within 11 months, it has been put line route "Simferopol - Alushta».
Soon the line was extended to Yalta. Newspapers published articles on this mountain trolleybus line, because it was the first not only in the USSR but also in Europe.
This is truly a national feat.

Trolleybus mountain route soon became very popular: a low cost and a large number of trolley buses on the line provides the ability to quickly and comfortably reach from one end to the other of the Crimea. 52 km. to Alushta took 1 hour 50 minutes and 33 km. Alushta to Yalta - 2 hours 50 minutes, and this time flew by unnoticed: Passengers watched in fascinated trolleybus windows, admiring the changing views of the beautiful Crimean nature. Tourists specifically traveled these routes as the sightseeing and keep the ticket as a souvenir.



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