The animals have a soul

Parrot that said touching dying words.
Alex - African Grey parrot, was able to distinguish and define the colors and had a great relationship with a girl named Irene Pepperberg. When Alex died in 2007, his last words to her were: "With you it was good. I love you ».

Two dog-guide, who brought their owners from a height of 70 floors of the World Trade Center before the towers collapsed on September 11th.

Chimpanzee who grieves for his dead friend.
In the center of the salvation of chimpanzees in Cameroon chimpanzee named Dorothy died of heart failure. What happened next was surprising: her fellow chimpanzees embraced in solidarity and solemnly watched the funeral of their friend.

The amazing story of a lion named Christian.
Christian took the cub to his two brothers in 1969. When he grew up, he was returned to the wild. Brothers returned a year later and they were told that Christian was the leader of the pride, so that he hardly remembers them. After several hours of searching, they still found a Christian and that's how he met them:

Koko the gorilla reacts to the sad moment in her favorite film. Coco watching your favorite movie "Tea with Mussolini". The film has a sad scene where the little boy, who is to separation from family members, waving his hand from the outgoing trains. As soon as the farewell scene begins, Coco turns. After that, she gestures showing the word "frown", "sad", "sad", "trouble", "mother" and "Coco loves" with tears in his eyes.


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