The doll house was a murder

The deadly drama unfolded in the doll house. Throughout blood, traces of fire, the light is off, lying on the floor gun.
The murder took place in the doll house. Horror.

It is these "houses" are going Glaessner Francis Lee (pictured) in the 1940s and 1950s. They represent a real reconstruction of the crime scene in miniature. All the details were similar to the present: the doors and windows open and close, lights turn on and off, tiny magazines, calendars and drug label were well printed, and bullets and weapons were made with amazing accuracy. Using two pins, tie and sewing thread, Lee lovingly knitted clothes for each victim.

These were created not just reconstruction, and for the annual seminar on homicide, which serves a few dozen of the country's leading investigators. Between sessions of the seminar Lee, eventually became the honorary captain of police of New Hampshire (by the way, the first woman who held a post in the United States), retreated to his mansion there and created their dollhouses.

To create each of his dioramas whether to spend up to three thousand dollars - a sum at the time close to the value of the home. It is said that Li was a wealthy man and did not need the money. After Lee's death in 1962, models were purchased by the office of forensic experts for 50 000 $.

Dollhouses are still used as training material. In layouts Lee, as well as to mock her followers Tom Moriello, future forensic scientists are learning to look for clues and analyze the crime scene without leaving the university. So, if you see the coroner, playing with dolls - do not laugh - perhaps he is investigating the crime.


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