Dungeons Kiev

Blogger detali wrote in his diary:
Clove underground river flows under the center of Kiev. In appearance it is such a pipe under the ground, in which the water flows. Unaccustomed creepy. Next claustrophobia is better not to look.

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1. The collector is no sewage system - underground rivers with sewage are not connected, but there gets water from the street. Here in this tunnel we entered.

2. In the first few minutes could not get rid of a quiet and tacky horror. Dark, damp, strong noise of water.

3. At the entrance to the walls of the hastily made stencils.

4. It is winter, but the top of the raging storm - snow pellets. The temperature of about zero. The conductor said that the water level is raised.
Explorer named Eugene. Before going, he dressed in a red suit and put my forehead lantern. Come on.

5. Sometimes the road blocking the pipe, which settles a street cop.

6. Here's a classic look. Note the debris adhering to the ceiling - at critical moments the water fills the entire space to the top. Now the river depth of 10-30 cm.

7. Fast water washes away the heavy boulders.

8. Meters 50 see the place where they are washed. Still, a strong flow!

9. Side collectors. Usually this street drains.

10. The foundation of a building. Interestingly, residents of the house know that they live in an underground river?

11. If that is the collector, the manholes located on the ceiling. It looks fantastic.

12. Raging top element makes itself felt the flow of water.

13. Many streams breaking through the concrete walls. White says about the composition of the minerals in the water.

14. The condensate gradually forms the ceiling stalactites. In the meantime, we are under the very center of Kiev.

15. Pay attention to the ceiling. All these water droplets. Next to me is already familiar with the warning label.

16. Next, we did not. Eugene expressed concern the high level of water, proposed a "shake a fishing rod" and vigorously engaged in the search for yield.

17. To this end, he crawled to the side of the collector.

18. Returned. There's no way out. Only now I noticed that he was crawling around with a backpack.

19. The situation was saved by a manhole.

20. Through him, we left the underground river.

21. "swim" we are in the middle of the Olympic stadium is being built, a little shocked builders.

22. This is such an adventure.



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