Centenarians in nature

The American photographer Rachel Sussman unusual hobbi- she photographed the oldest creatures of nature. The exhibition, with its photographs can now be seen in the botanical garden in Berlin. Some of them are:

10 photos

Via rp-online.de

1. "Azorella compact." The shrub grows in the Atacama Desert in Chile. His age-about 3,000 years. A relative of parsley is so strong that it is no problem to be an adult male.

2. intermountain bristlecone pine. Amazing trees can be found in the White Mountains of California. But they are surprising their neprihotlivostyu- plants can almost do without water and settle for the few nutrients that are found in the limestone. They grow very slowly and are also long-lived. Photo- copies in 5 thousand. Years.

3. Welwitschia. The secret of success relative coniferous derevev- her eternal youth. The plant is located in the so-called "continuous puberty." It lets shoots only twice in my life, but they are growing for centuries.

4. The biggest baobab tree Africa-Sagole. Baobab 2,000 years, its diameter stvola- 10m, 32m vershiny- height tree- 22m.

5. actinomycetes. Bacteria that 400,000 years, living in areas of permafrost soil in Siberia.

6. This brain coral 2,000 years, you can find it in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Tobago.

7. Age Greenland lichen-5 thousand. Years

8. This, well-worn, eaten for 9500 years. It grows in the Swedish national park, on the border with Norway. Its top has become green again a few years ago because of global warming.

9. Larrea tridentata. Bush called «King Clone», in the Mojave Desert, the US began its existence 12,000 years ago.

10. Cryptomeria. Japanese long-liver as much as 22,000 years.



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