One day in Africa

One day out of your vacation describe Elena - television correspondent Ilya - the designer of computer graphics, special effects, websites and other media products.

2 weeks on the Spanish resort on the Costa del Sol, the guys have decided to dilute the adventure - a trip to Morocco.

It happened June 19, 2012.

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Author: Since early in the morning for us, as the winter to bear relatively clearly as I can remember to this day only from the date of arrival at the railway station in Benalmadena (town, where we spend the holidays).

Buy tickets on the train to the local regional center, the city of Malaga. That it is considered the main transport hub of the neighborhood.

Very sleepy ...

At 6.34 local Andalusian we went in the direction of Malaga, although the purpose of our trip in the opposite direction ... but this is a tourist subtleties.

Oh, and breakfast and lunch with us. Spanish sausage, cheese, crackers, yogurt and water lapped.

Coffee buy on the road wherever you can, but sleep is still desirable. (and not only to us ...)

Only half an hour by train and we are at the main railway station in Malaga, 3 more minutes and have already reached the bus station.

Exactly at 7.30 am starts our four-hour bus trip to the town of Tarifa - the main passenger port connecting Africa with Europe. On the bus is written Malaga - Cadiz. This is an indication of the direction.

Along the way we are many and uncomfortable sleep. Therefore, the only attraction that deserves a photo of attention along the way - windmills near Algeciras.

And then, finally, Tarifa.

Sami guess what word comes from the name of the city. It is here that were first to charge merchants for the use of the strait.

Before us is the Strait of Gibraltar. Said clear weather here is not too often, so we were lucky. Blue gave the Khawr - this is Africa ...

Ferry schedule at 13.00. But by this time we just go in the customs control zone. In order not to spoil the experience, do not take pictures of all of the tourists from all over the world here for an hour waiting for the boarding announcement.

On the beach, along with the tickets we were given the migration leaves.

More slightly and sail ...

Finally ... Goodbye Europe ...

Incidentally, this is the southernmost point of Europe. South of nowhere.

Hello Africa - namely, the port city of Tangier ...

Lena for the first time on the "black continent". Even in Egypt, it was not.

Hurry up, we on this uncharted land at 13.20 ... but they sailed to 13.35 ... here's a trick that is possible only if the time zone change occurs less than one hour ...

The first thing we see coming out of the port.

And we understand that our hotel is here somewhere ...

With pointers - trouble

Looking for, though not for long ... but something very directly faced with Moroccan reality in the form of child beggars, toothless old men shaking the evil beard and women packed in black from head to toe. Therefore, coming to the hotel the first thing I had to calm down a little bit ...

Hotel Riad type. That is a residential building in the center of the medina - the old city. It is a small yard-well. On the one hand access to the narrow street. On the roof terrace necessarily. This is the view from one side

And this is the view from the veranda of the same, but the other way

Room in a traditional Moroccan style. Very cozy.

From our window you can see the city beach of Tangier. It is hot, and the Strait of Gibraltar attracts the cool waters. So after some hesitation decided to walk through the old town and then left to go to the beach immediately.

Here he is. Lovely, sandy, wide beach. But it just basking on children and adolescents. And teenage girls in full garb: pants and shirt. Women sit with his head which wrapped in cloth. Swim somehow immediately got sick. Lena just could not even imagine how to strip something here.

What to do, we go to the bar ... right here on the beach there are places for European tourists. There is alcohol, food and pool. Women can sit in sundresses, shorts and even swimsuits and not worry about his inappropriate for a Muslim country look.

The waiters are kind and courteous. Through the fence at intervals of 3-5 minutes, then drop Arab men, Arab women. The ones with the face covered. Whether condemn, or envy, but most likely just a curiosity.

The heat subsided. Go for a walk through the old town.

We rise up to the former fortress. Or, as it is called in Morocco - Kasbah. This is in every traditional Arabic city.

From the castle walls you can see Europe.

The narrow streets of the brown and sandy tones, White

Walked 15 minutes and met him. Joseph. Numerous locals probovlyayutsya that are imposed in the guides to tourists. So Joseph also. But it was not too intrusive, just began to show interesting places and something to tell passable English, and we somehow have not noticed, as the steel for him to tag along.

Please show us the top 5 places in the ancient Kasbah mosque, a bakery, a school, a bath and a place for corporal punishment.

And then he began to show where they lived all sorts of celebrities such as actor Michael Douglas golivudskih. Especially memorable café drinking coffee, Kofi Annan, and smoked hashish Mick Jagger. Photograph proprietor banned, although it is obvious that the former head of the UN itself filmed clandestinely.

Often, the guide repeated, pointing at the house: French, the Italian, American, brands tugeza ol, ol tugeza showers wi ...

And just about a couple of hours, we walked with Joseph, on the basis of paying him something in the region of five hundred rubles.

It was already dark.

At half past ten the time has come for us to drink Moroccan tea. In Tangier fell coolness.

Riad returned home around midnight.

The last photo for today. Ahead was a more adventurous vacation ...



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