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The purpose of the theme - to talk about the latest technologies in the world, perhaps you have seen in a lot of different topics, not only here but also in the Internet. I decided to make an all in one post. I do not care for the pros - it's all for your reference. Text a lot, just a lot of military nanotechnology (Russia excluded).
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All articles talk about the future and there is a calculation that "luck in the development", so that it is too early to pack.


Nanotechnology half a century ago would be called fiction. And today they are fundamentally changing our world. Mankind, thanks to the achievements of scientists were able to create new substances with predetermined properties, building atoms are like bricks. Very soon nanotechnology will be crucial in capacity of military technology and equipment, and as a consequence - matters of war and peace. According to military analysts, after 20 years there will be hundreds of unique materials and appliances will go into service with almost ideal properties.


During a recent study led by Prof. Yan Qiu Zhu of the University of Nottingham, UK, ApNano material sample was subjected to strong impacts produced by a steel projectile at speeds of up to 1, 5 km / sec. Material to withstand the impact load equal to 250 tons per square centimeter. This is roughly equal to a drop of four diesel locomotives onto an area the size of the nail. During the test, the material was so strong that after the impact the samples did not differ from the original material. Moreover, recent research by Professor JM Martin of Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France) showed that the material was stable when exposed to an isostatic pressure of at least 350 tons / cm2.
Company Nanocomp Technologies, which has invested in the creation of a new nanomaterial, signed a contract for $ 1, 5 million from the US Army for the supply of bullet-proof vests new sample. High nanobronezhilety much easier to classic designs, and this is a key advantage of the fighting.
Kstatati Nanocomp Technologies continues to develop and in the near future will present to the expert prototypes "liquid" bulletproof vests that structurally resemble pudding. By the way technology "liquid" bulletproof vest is not confined to American scientists, but also the UK and Russian scientists.

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