Store hours kryshesnosnyh Phosphorus is the clock on the electronic ink, and watch with crystals.

Watches Phosphor - is a watch with a character who does not want to forget the house on the table. In summer, free delivery in Moscow, Russia for delivery is free when you order any 2 hours and, as usual, first-class warranty, service, and unique technological yuatareyki placing the stuffing in a stylish package, the company continues to amaze the world of Phosphor fantastic models of watches. Watches Phosphor - is the excellent quality of materials and workmanship: solid stainless steel, hardened, scratch-resistant glass, 4mm thick leather belt and a nice looking screen contrast electronic ink. They continue to live in the cold -30, and kept hitting police boots - Specially designed as "Neubivavemye» - Digital Hour, elegant model of World Time For modern girls: tech to mikroelektromagnitnom mechanism with rotating Swarovski crystals - Appear Also new for 2012 with touch controls - WORLD TIME SPORT If we wear watches - the funky Phosphor select, order - all models is available !!!


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