Top 10 most bizarre hours

We offer you a list of the 10 most original and non-standard hours. Presented as a design model and HiTech versions. All picture in the tradition of the magazine "Murzilka" =).
 - 10. Linux-Powered Watch
Watch from IBM-style Linux, equipped with notebooks and picture viewer.

9. TV Watch
Watch TV, what else to add? )

8. Talking Japanese Watches
Japanese watch who themselves will tell you the time.

7. Morse Code Wristwatch
Watch that show or voiced time via Morse code

Tipo Neyo have
 - 6. Hitachi AirSense Watch
Watch who know how to measure pressure, humidity in the room, fluctuations and other other

5. Ultra-Violet Watch
Watches with an optical illusion

4. High-Tech Army Wristwatch
Military development of satellite imagery showing Intelligence or helicopter, well, more time and knows how to show ... =)

3. Backside Watch
Designer watch all the raisins which is that they flipped the dial down.

ps zhelayuschih to lose weight

Special odds Dotsent'm sorry not "Electronics" with seven tunes, but also nichyo

2. The Camera Phone Watch
Watch a very good camera and built-in gsm phone.

1. Timeflex
Hours thick cover of a notebook, can be stuck anywhere, as well as have the ability to roll them into a tube and used as a projectile orizhie.



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