On the hunt with your tent

Two Mongolian entrepreneur booked himself on a couple of Mercedes vans to go to hunt wolves. Mercedes Zetros 2733 A 6x6.

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2. Both the truck are almost identical, the only difference is the length. One longer than 60 cm, for without ...

3. ... the garage for ATV on hunting can not do.


5. The walls of the 5-centimeter sandwich panels, double glazing, roof and floor thickness of 10 cm. Curtains and mosquito nets are present.


7. no sign outside, but the interiors shine. Marble in the washroom.

8. And in the shower. Otherwise - no way, wolves laughed at.

9. Plumbing.

10. The sleeping area in the cab? Maybe vonmobile little place to sleep?

11. Antenna navigation equipment.

12. Pull-even. Satellites caught once or twice. Direct physical.

13. Kitchen. Marble, oak.

14. Built-in Appliances.

15. The rear-view camera. Now back to parked in the desert will be extremely easy.

16. switchboard. Without gilding impossible.

17. TV. Well what a hunt without a TV?

18. There are sleeping.

19. Here guests sleep. Exactly. How many times hunting was not always come overnight guests.


21. When the guests do not sleep, a place remodeled the dining room.

22. The motor 7, two-liter, 326 horses, 1300Nm - torque. The capacity of the tanks - 500 liters.

23. Three differential reduction gear.

24. Price hide, but we know that the Mongols have paid around 1.7 million euros for the both of them.



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