Useful packaged products

All the same, there are packaging products which are helpful.
We often hear, food banks, containers, ice cream - very harmful, and they are of no use.
Let's look at a few pre-packaged foods that contain beneficial nutrients and save time on cooking.

1. Canned beans

Although dried beans are cheaper, but their preparation takes a lot of time (one of which is soaking). In the canned beans contained the same amount of fiber and protein. They require no cooking. The same applies to peas and beans.

When buying canned beans, choose brands with the "short" structure: a minimal addition of salt and preservatives. Before use in the food cans of beans should be rinsed in running water. This removes excess salt - up to 40%, to be exact.

2. Frozen vegetables

By its nutritional value is almost no way inferior to fresh. In addition, they are cleaned and cut up. Over time, the amount of vitamins and minerals in the frozen vegetables is reduced, so keep them longer than one month is not recommended. In addition, it is desirable vegetables steamed or microwaved, as some are destroyed during cooking water-soluble vitamins.

Green soybeans are an excellent snack, chopped broccoli side dish or serve as a good basis for making stew with shrimp, olive or sunflower oil, and spinach - an essential vitamin supplement to almost any dish.

3. Frozen berries

It is very difficult to perform the daily rate for the consumption of fruits and vegetables without berries. But even in the fresh season it is very expensive. Well, that commercially available frozen berries. Important Carefully read the label - extra sugar is not needed. The berries can be added to oatmeal or other cereal used to make yogurt or cocktails.

4. Muesli bars

You've got to be very careful. Not all granola bars with useful. When buying carefully read the labels and choose options without unnecessary additives. Do not fall for advertising! Learn inscriptions on the package. Most bars, we are looking for, are sold in department and sports nutrition in the department of "Natural products". Very well, if used instead of sugar dates. But by replacing the sugar fructose more harm than good. And it is not exactly calorie benefits.

Take into account the fact that, although the granola bars and useful due to the large number of long grain and fiber, they are still very high in calories. Better to share a bar or two times treat them mate.


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