15 interesting facts about sprats

Sprats in oil - a very popular product on our table. This is - the taste of childhood, the taste of the festive table, taste scarce grocery order. Since then, when a jar of sprats was a scarce commodity and a symbol of a celebratory feast was held for many years, but the people's love for the sprats are still strong. Most recently he broke another "food" scandal - Rosselkhoznadzor revealed a discrepancy between the Latvian sprats rules of the Customs Union and Russia. In the border veterinary control was found high content of carcinogen benzopyrene, which is formed during smoking.
From this release you will find a series of interesting facts about the favorite of many products - both cooked sprats in the USSR as they are produced today, how to choose a bottle in the store than the Latvian manufacturers have not pleased the Rosselkhoznadzor and more.

1. Initially canned "sprats in oil" made from Baltic sprat (a subspecies of the European sprat), followed by that name also became the Caspian sprat, herring, juvenile herring and other small fish. When cooking small fish sprats without any pretreatment smoked, then preserved in oil.

2. In common parlance, the word "sprat" usually refers to any smoked canned small fish in oil.

3. The composition according to GOST "sprats in oil" the following: fish - sprat or herring, vegetable oil and salt. The amount of fish in the bank should be at least 75 percent of its volume, the rest - oil. Fish should be laid or abdomens or backs to the bottom or lid of parallel or intersecting rows.

4. In the USSR, sprats have been a fixture of the holiday table. Bank sprat was expensive - one ruble 80 kopecks. Mistress necessarily prepared for a big feast of sandwiches with sprats: butter, mayonnaise or light toasted bread.

5. When smoked benzpyrene formed - a carcinogen that accumulates in the body and can cause the development of a number of mutations that lead to the formation of malignant tumors.

6. At present, in the Russian Federation reduced the permissible limits benzopyrene (a substance produced when smoked) in such products. Therefore, many manufacturers produce "sprats" by simply preserving fish in oil with the addition of "liquid smokeĀ».

7. Quality sprats have a light golden color (they smoked on alder chips). They must be whole in its structure, with smooth skin. Of course, the best sprats today, those who are in a glass jar or metal with a transparent cover. In this case, you can personally verify the quality of the product.

8. In November 2006, Rospotrebnadzor stopped production turnover sprats Latvia. It was revealed the storage and sale of products with a high content of benzopyrene. The fact that according to EU standards in sprats allowed benzopyrene content of 5 g per kg of product, while in Russia - only 1 microgram. Accordingly, canned Latvia under Russian standard does not fall. However, in summer 2008 ban on the import of Latvian sprats was removed completely, as Russia has raised the allowable concentration of benzopyrene in canned fish to the EU standard - 5 g.
At the beginning of 2013. Rosselkhoznadzor found in the Latvian sprats production company SIA Randa elevated levels of benzopyrene. Co-owner of Oskars Grosmanis by quotation Latvian portal Delfi: "We completely bewildered. No official information we received. Based on data from the Internet site, the rate exceeded 35 times, but this is absurd. The cans then coal must lie. " According to him, the company manufactures products that meet all standards and requirements, and now the company is waiting for information from the Russian authorities on the further development of the situation.

9. sprats (canned) have a winter and summer styling. In the summer, when the fish lives in warm water, it is less moves and accumulates fat, so she cracked her back and placed belly up. So it is, for example, advertising photos. In winter, the fish are placed backed up.

10. By the way, for those who like sprats with caviar and fatter, pay attention to the date of manufacture of canned food: fish, caught in the fall - the fat.

11. If in a tin sprats partially seethe and prick with a fork crumble, means at their manufacturing process has been violated.

12. sprat Shelf life is 24 months from date of manufacture. Open cans of sprats can be stored in the refrigerator for three days.

13. In the summer of 2008 in the border town of Mamonovo (Kaliningrad region), where there is a large fish cannery (1949), a monument to sprats.

14. Recently, on the shelves, in addition to classical sprats in oil, a lot of innovations: in tomato sauce sprats, sprats with lemon, etc. When choosing a sprat to pay attention to packaging. The outer surface of tin should be smooth, without dents and bulges. If moisture gets on the paper label letters blurred - before you fake.

15. Useful substances contained in sprats vitamins E, A, B1, B2, polyunsaturated fats, proteins, phosphorus, calcium.

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