Missile "Topol"

Writes blogger and photographer zizis:

Last Friday, the Ministry of Defence has invited a group of persons to inspect the classified section of the Strategic Missile Forces in the Tver region. Part of the secret to many that it even guglokarte is not a good solution. She knows the truth about our Cuban comrades - in the early 60s Khrushchev showed here Comandante Castro missile R-16, is capable of reaching the United States. Well, to Cuba, respectively.

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Say, the military, and where you have a buffet here?

- No questions. Give the menu.
- I have the menu. Buns with poppy, baba with rum, eclair, cigarettes "Prima" water "bell».
- And coffee?
- Coffee officers only. From coffee nerves. General Order.

I know there is one place on the road with compasses awesome!

For the army of good people - a mother, and for bad - mother-in-law.

Cool ... It could be worse.


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