Walking without a car # 2

What to do when behind 22, and freshly bought the car completely burnt clutch?
Get mobilku abandon petty thought to take a taxi and just go for a walk!
How to finish - let you know.

PS: All the pictures on the mobile, as it is not planned photo shoot.
PPS: This is not interesting, do not look. No, I do not have a blog - this in writing YaP.

Looking at the place where my Ford, I decided to take a walk

I beg your pardon. Venue Germany, Munster.


Next was a barrel of gas, which stands in front of the shopping center and extends telescopically when filling. When the barrel full dreamed zhahnut into it from a grenade launcher. Someone is going to be fun !!!

While the business center went to the city to laugh with firefighters. Photo unfortunate, but it is clear that in their spare time they wash nehrenanedelaniya sign. And with radios and in shape. In the video, it would be fun.

Most photographed passing.

Taki Bridge



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