Concrete battleship

On the island of El Fraulein fairway near the southern entrance to Manila Bay, Luzon, Philippines, is a fort.
To be more precise, the island is under the fort.
Construction of the fort began in 1909, the name was given in honor of Brigadier Richard genarala Drama, the hero of the US-Mexican and the American Civil War, also known that drove notably at the time the Sioux Indians.
On the issue of building approached simply and directly - take this very island of El Fraulein, he cut down the tip, trim the contours required under, top poured concrete fortifications, and in the resulting cake prodolbili interior.

Armament was quite powerful - four chetyrnadtsatidyuymovye (356 mm) guns in two revolving towers and four six-inch (152 mm) - two dungeons in the walls. Later, when he showed his sharp teeth aviation, anti-aircraft weapons fort complement of two 76-mm cannon and two machine guns (although installed anti-aircraft weaponry was discovered - on the deck of the fort, without any protection). In the photo below - the tower of the main fire on ground tests.

In 1918 the fort officially put into operation. From the Navy, he quickly earned the nickname «concrete battleship» («concrete battleship"), under which, and went down in history - first, because of the shape, and secondly, due to the fact that the positions of observation and adjustment of artillery fire were placed on the lattice tower, is very similar to the mast of the then American warships. In addition to the gun turrets on the deck one can see the wooden buildings - barracks and warehouses. They assume as temporary until they are completed yet appropriate interior, but, as we know, there is nothing more permanent than temporary - even when the garrison and supplies moved under the protection of concrete floors, makeshift left. Extra usable space, as we know, does not happen.

Longitudinal section of the fort. Protection of the fort has been very strong - the walls ranged in thickness from seven to eleven and a half meters, and the top floor ("deck") were six meters thick. In addition, it was at that time ednstvenny American fort, the main gauge is placed in armored towers. Inside the fort there are four floors and was completely self-contained - a garrison of two hundred and fifty men could fight in total isolation from the outside world for several months.


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