Shindhudurg - Fort Maratha Empire (29 pics + 2 video)

An interesting story about the fort, which is located on a rocky island Kurt.
On its construction, the battles for power, the rulers, and many other facts you learn in this story.

Grand Fort Shindhudurg that Marathi means "sea fort", was built by Maharaja Shivaji on the rocky island of Kurta in the bay of the port town of Malvan, about a kilometer from the coast, in the period from 1664 to 1667 years to counter the foreign colonizers and control over neighboring Siddhi of Dzhandzhiry.

Chhatrapati Shivaji appointed responsible for the work of the best architects of the time Maratha Hiroji Indulkara invited 100 experts from Portuguese Goa, personally chosen strategically place on the island and led the construction work. The blocks of stone were placed at the base of the fort still liquid foundation of 125 tons of molten iron and froze firmly into a single monolith. 500 masons, 200 smiths, 3,000 laborers and hundreds of professional artists in the sweat of working on site, trying to finish everything in due Shivaji three years. Even in a period of thirty years after the official end of the work at the fort here and there banging hammers and scurried masons, bringing his creation to perfection.

Shindhudurg - it is one of the best preserved forts Maratha Empire. It covers an area of ​​about 190 thousand square meters, and its walls are about 3 kilometers long around the perimeter, with a thickness of 2 to 4 meters and a height of about 9 meters. Every 20-70 meters walls fortified tower-bastion, a total of 42 in the fortress itself is a massive wall, which was to hold back the onslaught as the stormy waves of the Arabian Sea, and the enemy troops Shivaji, designed and built in a zigzag manner, so that any of its outer portion viewed from inside the fortress. This allowed its defenders to notice any movement of the enemy outside and effectively respond to them with rifle and cannon fire. Water surrounds the island, moreover, are full of invisible on the surface of the underwater rocks, and if you do not know the right of the fairway, leading to the gates of the fort, very good chance to run into them, as happened with many of the attacking enemy ships Shindhudurg.

No less thought and the main entrance of the fort, Mukha Pravesh Dwar. It is twisted clockwise spiral, and is arranged so that it is difficult to observe from the outside, because it virtually merges with the wall. The spiral form of the input corridor has another advantage - in the melee attackers were forced to move to bypass the right side wall and the retreating defenders - left side and backwards. Thus, defenders have been much easier to operate in the melee, as the soldiers of all the armies, of course, dominated by the right-hander. At the same time, of course, on top of the walls of the shooting was carried forward from all available weapons. This type of entrance gate is characteristic only for the Maratha forts architectural features.


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