Dear pets

Pets not surprise anyone, even the most exotic, people being dragged to his house a variety of creatures.
Let's look at the top ten most expensive pets.

Let's start with the usual dog: Chinese crested dog until recently managed in $ 4000 for a puppy. In recent years, the price has fallen, but the content of the dogs in the home is worth a lot of money.

Python - albino. Normal Python starts at $ 10,000, but the price albino starts from $ 15,000. Grows the "string" to almost two meters, and it must contain a very fine tuned conditions.

Palm black cockatoo for sale 16,000 $
In captivity, kept mostly in zoos. Keep it at home is difficult for the reason that it can quickly break the cage, biting metal mesh thickness of 4-5 mm. Besides nature palm cockatoo eats nuts Canarian wood. They are very difficult to replace than ever, so even in zoos black cockatoos live a relatively short time.

Arovana or fish - dragon - 5000 $
According to some fans, they vyrostayut Arovana to 180-240 cm and live in the aquarium up to 8 years.

Bengal Tirgu - albino. The starting price of $ 138,000. The very sight of a rare, but still albinism Additional throws a couple of tens of thousands $.

Japanese snow macaque $ 3500. It is the northernmost of the world monkeys, which is why they are also called Nordic macaques. Although the Japanese macaque and are listed as endangered, yet they can legally buy for home, but this requires a special permit

Reflected in the photograph Dog - Tibetan Mastiff Yangtze.
The hostess laid out for doggie 585,000 dollars (4 million yuan). Dogs of this rare breed to cope alone with the leopard, together - with a tiger.

Home Bengal cat, the price of which can range from $ 800 up to 3 million

Favorite animal late Michael Jackson - from a chimpanzee is 65 000 $

Well, the world's largest parrot - Hyacinth Macaw. Name your parrot received a bright blue plumage. Hyacinth Macaw was found in the tropical forests of South America, and the emergence of strange birds in the US market caused quite a stir - almost every second person wanted to get hold of a home bird) Not surprisingly, the prices literally took off from the initial $ 6 500 to $ 12 000!



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