Dear pets

Pets not surprise anyone, even the most exotic, people being dragged to his house a variety of creatures.
Let's look at the top ten most expensive pets.

Let's start with the usual dog: Chinese crested dog until recently managed in $ 4000 for a puppy. In recent years, the price has fallen, but the content of the dogs in the home is worth a lot of money.

Python - albino. Normal Python starts at $ 10,000, but the price albino starts from $ 15,000. Grows the "string" to almost two meters, and it must contain a very fine tuned conditions.

Palm black cockatoo for sale 16,000 $
In captivity, kept mostly in zoos. Keep it at home is difficult for the reason that it can quickly break the cage, biting metal mesh thickness of 4-5 mm. Besides nature palm cockatoo eats nuts Canarian wood. They are very difficult to replace than ever, so even in zoos black cockatoos live a relatively short time.

Arovana or fish - dragon - 5000 $
According to some fans, they vyrostayut Arovana to 180-240 cm and live in the aquarium up to 8 years.

Bengal Tirgu - albino. The starting price of $ 138,000. The very sight of a rare, but still albinism Additional throws a couple of tens of thousands $.


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