The life of a dog and kotyachya

The day before yesterday, leaving the house, open the gate to drive the car, when suddenly, at the gate with an insolent shrieking breaks fluffy bun! I was getting the following to make it back, but he begins to hide behind Vorotina near the doghouse, and one of my shepherd bitch (the lady in the sense) begins his snout pushed into the booth, hidden tobish. We see it with her previously entered into an agreement while still outside the gates. Since I was in a hurry, did not have his pick out of the booth, the more that ovcharkaskua, collapsed at once across, covering it with his carcass. Once home, observe the following picture: The puppy has been successfully adopted by my Shepherd I wanted to take him, but the hand is not raised, the more said that if the dog came to the house itself, it can not throw. Che do with him now? Hz!

Here's a photo of this asshole.

Seeing me, he immediately began to lick my leg, wagging his tail

And I began to establish contact with the population Kotin

They reciprocated



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