15 modern movies for those who think that looked all the world

Twenty three million seven hundred eight thousand four hundred fourteen

Five million seven hundred sixty eight thousand nine hundred sixty

It is sometimes so difficult to choose one movie, because I want to see everything at once. Especially if the movie has gathered many rave reviews from the audience.

For those who think that looked all the world, Site made a list of the best films you might have missed.

2+1 Demain tout commence

Eighty million seven hundred eighty three thousand six hundred seventy six

A young ladies ' man Samuel makes that rolls the rich people on the yacht, and spending time at the beach party, getting acquainted with the beauties. But once in his life bursts into a young woman with the baby on the hands, which claims that it is his child. Deciding that such a problem to him, and Samuel goes in search of the mother of the child, but everyone is different.

Beautiful and good movie after watching leaves only positive emotions.

The wife of the zookeeper's Wife The Zookeeper'

Ninety five million seven hundred seventy two thousand two hundred ninety four

The film tells one of many stories of world war II. A story in which there is a place of heroism, love and compassion. The main character Zhabinsky Antonina and her husband Jan are unable to come to terms with what was happening in their city. They tried to do everything possible to save not only animals but also committed by strangers, despite the fact that at any moment they could be exposed.

The film is based on the eponymous book by Diane Ackerman, based on the diaries of Antonina again and again.

The voice of a monster A Monster Calls

Sixty million nine hundred sixty eight thousand three hundred thirty

This is a story about a boy Connor, who has been forced to grow up much earlier than necessary. His mother has cancer, my father did not want to assume parental responsibilities, and classmates constantly mocked him. But one day after another nightmare of the window appears a giant who helps the boy overcome all the challenges.

Pathetic picture, after viewing which is difficult to recover.

The illusion of love Mal de pierres

One million nine hundred seventy nine thousand two hundred seventy seven

Young and sensual Gabriella parents give to marry a man she never loved. He was a quiet and respectable man, but life with him is imprisonment. After a while Gabrielle find the "stone" disease and sent her for treatment. There she meets a man who falls madly in love, and together they decide to escape from everyday life in a fantasy world of love.

A great film which will appeal to both couples and families.

Paterson Paterson

Fifty two million five hundred seventy one thousand six hundred ninety one

The life of the protagonist Paterson like a routine, but even in this routine, he finds inspiration for poetry. Whether it be an overheard conversation, a situation in life or a trip to the bar. He writes poems in a secret notebook and dreams to become famous. However, one event changes all his plans.

Good film that shows the magical world through the eyes of a poet.

Tablets of fate The Secret Scripture

Twelve million eighty eight thousand one hundred nineteen

Roseanne McNulty most of his life spent in a psychiatric hospital. She was there for so long that nobody remembered why she was there. New head physician of the hospital became interested in the case of a woman and found the hidden diary, in which Roseanne talked about all-consuming love and the mystery of his imprisonment.

Poignant film, which makes one wonder about the complexities of relationships between people.

Gold Gold

Eighty nine million eight hundred twenty eight thousand nine hundred seventy four

The main character Kenny moved the company inherited from his father, but after a few years everything collapsed and he barely kept afloat. After an unusual sleep Kenny finds the same loser as he is, and invites him to go on a journey that could change their lives. Namely, to go look for gold in the unexplored jungle.

A great adventure story based on real events.

A dog's life A Dog's Purpose

Seventy seven million eight hundred three thousand eight hundred fifty two

An ordinary provincial family takes shelter from the cute puppy Retriever. The dog lives happily for many years, but some time later dies from old age. Waking up, he finds himself in the body of a police dog and realizes that he is able to rebirth.

A moving film about life through the eyes of a dog, the most loyal and loving friend, to which the man is the whole world.

Gifted Gifted

Fifty four million eighty five thousand six hundred ninety six

Frank Adler single-handedly raising his niece Mary, who has a rare ability in mathematics. Uncle wants only one thing: that the child was still a child. Played games, made friends. But on the horizon there is Frank's mother, whose own ideas about the future of girls.

The family film, in which rises the eternal problem of the relations between parents and children.

Blame the raccoon Wakefield

Nine million six hundred forty one thousand four hundred ninety four

At Howard Oakfield was the good life: luxury home, a good job, a loving wife and daughter. But one day everything changes. Howard chased brazen raccoon and was in the attic of the house, which had a great view of his own home. The main character saw a table laid, the family is waiting for his father, and wondered: "what if I disappear?"And Howard decided to stay and live in the attic.

Interesting film that makes you wonder about many things.

Perfect strangers Perfetti sconosciuti

Eighty three million six hundred eighty four thousand six hundred forty nine

A big group of friends going out to dinner. Jokingly they offer to play a game: all the TEXT should be read aloud, and in answer to calls only on speakerphone. But they could not imagine where their harmless game and what secrets they might find.

A deep movie about what each of us has his own skeletons in the closet.

This whole world Everything, Everything

Sixty four million six hundred six thousand six hundred fourteen

The main character Maddie is a bright and curious girl. She wants to try the world, but because of illness can not go out. Her only salvation is the books, art and distance education courses of architects. But one day her life changes. She meets with a new neighbor, with whom falls in love to unconsciousness.

Romantic movie is a must-see for all who believe in love and miracles.

David Lynch: a Life in the arts David Lynch: The Art Life

Sixty two million five hundred twenty thousand six hundred sixty three

A very personal monologue, the mysterious Director of world cinema, the Creator of such films as "twin Peaks", "Mulholland Drive" and "Blue velvet". David Lynch — a truly brilliant and exceptional man who revealed to the audience his world — the world of the artist.

The fatal temptation of The Beguiled

Twenty seven million four hundred eighty nine thousand fifty four

Of boarding school for girls was safely hidden from the outside world until, until a young pupil finds in the woods a wounded corporal of the army. All strongly against guest appearances, but the headmistress let him in the house, and together they begin to care for it. Soon all get used to corporal, and in a Sorority starts a serious struggle for the attention of men.

Liked the movie to all fans of the Arthouse.


Marriage of Eugene and Boris coming to an end: they decided to divorce and already have actually begun a new Chapter in life with other people.
They're determined to stop all paperwork and go on my way. But in a series of endless quarrels and conflicts, they completely forget about his 12-year-old son Alyosha, who begins to feel superfluous in this family. After another quarrel Alesha disappears.

A heartbreaking film that opens your eyes to all the difficulties of real life.

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