The mystery of the Nazi album

All that was known about the anonymous photo album Nazi photographer - this is just what you can see from its 214 photos. It is worth noting that the pictures were good opportunities: in one month, he photographed the Russian and Jewish prisoners in another - there was only a few meters from Adolf Hitler. He was on the Eastern front, working for the Nazi propaganda campaign, and also pictures of a pretty woman, who was special for him.

Some online resources, and German newspapers published several photos and appealed to the public to help solve the mystery of the Nazi photographer. Several days later, the newspaper received a letter from a certain Harriet Sharnberg from Germany, which gave some answers.

It turned out that the photographer's name was Franz Krieger, he was born in the Austrian city of Salzburg, he survived the war and lived until 1993. All that we know that one special woman was Frida Krieger and his wife. She died November 17, 1944, along with their two-year daughter Heidrun, when the US Air Force began bombing Salzburg.

16 Photo © Salzburg Municipal Archive / Private collection via the New York Times

1. Franz Krueger - by the mysterious album since World War II.

2. Fried and Franz Krieger.

3. Fried Krieger

4. Franz Krieger

5. Photo Franz Krieger made, perhaps, somewhere in Belarus

6. The ruins of Minsk.

7. Photo Franz Krieger

8. In the summer of 1941, Franz went to Minsk, where he photographed the Soviet prisoners of war was in the Jewish quarter

9. Archival Salzburg holds about 35 thousand negatives Franz Krieger.

10. Krieger joined the Nazi party, but left it in 1941, and became a propaganda campaign

11. He soon left the company and became a propaganda, "a simple soldier and a driver."

12. Once in August 1942 in Stalingrad as a truck driver, he was evacuated by train in just a few hours before the great battle for the city.

13. After the war, Franz Krieger left the sphere of professional photography.

14. After spending a propaganda photographer, Krieger learned not to the driver. He made a series of photos shows the auto-

15. Fried Krieger (right) in Munich.

16. Self-portrait, which helped to identify the author of these photos.



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