It's not a bribe - it is a gift!

'Society of Blue Buckets "has decided to congratulate the original traffic police on his 75th birthday.
They prepared a box of chocolates with a very subtle hint ...
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Here's a kick-ass box


Inside lies a disclaimer, which says that all given on the candy wrapper is fiction, which in any case does not set itself the aim to tarnish everything and everyone

Inside a 16 Disclaimer chocolates, each individually wrapped

Each themed wrapper. There are blue bucket

But it is not simple blue bucket By the way, the guys from shokoboks use outdated information. I never spetssignal not cost so cheap. Only if you buy it at Kuntsevo market. Or is it me ... Chur, Chur

Long thought, what is it about this picture and what is there to pay money?

The downside prompted me

This sur I just do not understand)

and wrapped candy, rides, it is the price to address the issue of fake ksivu, which are so fond of poking various bad people in the traffic police

I've always been interested in the rights issue price of rescuing ships


How much costs to relocate the railway crossing if you are not the coachman Kobzon and Patriarch



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