Pulpit - on the edge of the abyss

Pulpit (NOK. Preikestolen) - a giant cliff height of 604 meters above the Lysefjord (Lysefjord) in Norway with a square almost flat top area of ​​about 25 by 25 meters. For the original form it is also called "tribune" or "the Chair" (eng. Preacher's Pulpit («Pulpit") or Pulpit Rock («Rock-chair")). With a magnificent view of the cliffs on the Lysefjord and Kjerag plateau (Kjerag).

Pulpit is not only a natural landmark and a beautiful place, but also the extreme attraction for tourists. Having been here we can confidently say that "standing on the edge." Each year, the Pulpit Rock, one of the main natural attractions in Norway, visited by more than 100 thousand. Tourists, each pursuing its own goals. Some want to take a break from everyday worries and enjoy the spectacular views, while others are eager for new experiences, others want to get rid of their fears. But there are also those who come here to commit suicide ...

In spite of that on top of the Pulpit Rock have absolutely no protections. Therefore, the most daring can even chat feet over a precipice. But go to the edge dare not all guests Pulpit. Yes, it is not surprising. When you stand at the top, there is a feeling that the cliff is about to collapse. A crack in the middle of the plateau (width about 25 cm) seemed to confirm a terrible suspicion.

However, if you believe the legend - nothing to fear. According to her Pulpit collapse only when their wives become sisters 7 7 brothers from one region of Norway. Another legend has it that in ancient times was used for executions Pulpit and sacrifices.

The path is difficult in the Pulpit, and the trail is very steep in places. It starts at the «Preikestolhytta Youth Hostel» at an altitude of about 270 meters and rises to 604 m. Typically, the ascent takes about 2 hours, but for the experienced traveler can take about an hour. Despite the fact that the height difference is only 330 m away - 3, 8 km (one way) actually climb longer and harder, because many times the trail rises and falls on the passes.

The trail on the pulp Rock is among the most diverse mountain landscape. Climbing the rock from the nearest car parking and stopping point of the Norwegian Association of mountaineering (Norwegian Mountain Touring Association), which are about an hour's drive from Stavanger by ferry and car, takes about 3-4 hours round trip.

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