Rock for daredevils - Pulpit

Pulpit (Norw. Preikestolen) - a giant cliff height of 604m with a nearly flat top-platform measuring approximately 25 by 25 meters, located opposite the Kjerag plateau in Norway. Pulpit literally translates as "pulpit", as well as in English is called Pulpit Rock (Rock-chair). It offers magnificent views, allowing the rock is known as one of the main natural attractions in Norway.

In spite of everything at the top of the Pulpit absolutely no fences. Therefore, the most daring can chat feet over a precipice. But go to the edge dare not all guests Pulpit.

When you stand at the top, there is a feeling that the cliff is about to collapse. A crack in the middle of the plateau (width about 25 cm) if confirmed terrible suspicion.

However, if you believe the legend - afraid of nothing. According to her Pulpit collapse only when the 7 sisters become wives 7 brothers from the same region of Norway. Another legend has it that in ancient times was used for executions Pulpit and sacrifices.


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