Sigiriya (Lion's rock) - City-tale

Sigiriya - the ancient walled city, which is built on an amazing cliff. Sigiiriyu also called Lion's Rock, it is the main asset of Sri Lanka, as well as a valuable cultural and architectural monuments of mankind.

As for the rocks, it is a powerful formation of magma has long been extinct, and for a long time collapsing volcano. This rock rises above the surrounding plain, viewed by dozens of miles in all directions. Based marvelous rock on steep embankment, sharply rising above the level plain. As for the height of the cliff, it reaches 370 meters.
Sigiriya history begins in the fifth century, at this time there appeared a Buddhist monastery, but then at the time he ceased to exist, and 18 years later it was restored, and it lasted until the 15th century.
Tremendous changes in this place comes to the reign of the famous King of Sri Lanka - Kassapa. It was on his instructions rock transformed into a sophisticated city with temples, palaces, fountains, gardens, and fortifications.
By the way, the King Kassapa Sigiriya chosen not because of its beautiful scenery and fertile land, no, he was looking for a place to which to pick up and hard to go unnoticed. Needed a place like King Kassapa because he was afraid of his brother - Moggallana, or rather his revenge. But the fact that, in accordance with the will of their father, Moggallana had become king of Sri Lanka. In this case, Kassapa his whole life was sure that the throne remains exactly for him when he learned of his father's will, he lost his temper, threw him into prison, staged a coup and declared himself king. Kassapa brother was forced to flee, but he made a promise to avenge his brother.
These are the passions were running high in those days!

The second name of this miracle - "Lion Rock", also chosen not casual, and also appeared at the time of Kassapa. Sigiriya great architects were able to realize an amazing venture, which was the fact that the central city must guard the entrance carved out of the rock, a huge lion. To go to this unique city, a man was required to go through the mouth of the beast. Alas, today you can see only a stone lion paws, but they left a storm of impressions every visitor.
City-rock remembered his own art gallery, it is located in the main temple at the top of this miracle city. Here you can see a large wall (140 by 40 meters). In times of Kassapa it was covered with frescoes of great beauty, now preserved only 18 pieces. As for the remaining 500 paintings, all were irretrievably lost.
To the present day in Sigiriya almost nothing has been preserved, and the reason for it, as you may have guessed, Moggallana. Last kept his promise and completely defeated Kassapa. Moggallana ordered completely destroy Sigiriya.

Unfortunately, over 16 centuries have not changed their appearance only gardens, they are in our day perfect. Sigiriya gardens were divided into 3 types: gardens, terraces, water gardens and rock gardens. In the ancient world the gardens of Sigiriya considered to be the best, in fact it is in their green thickets appeared first in the world fountains.
Definitely, Sigiriya - a valuable historical, architectural and cultural monuments of all mankind. The beauty and grandeur of these places are unable to transfer photos and videos to rate this gem, you need to touch it and see it with my own eyes, if you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to go to Sri Lanka.


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