Sigiriya Castle (8 photos)

Castle Complex Sigiriya, Sri Lanka has been cut down in the 370-meter cliff to the 5th century BC According to legend, it was built by king usurper Kasap to escape from numerous enemies.

In the fifth century AD, Kasap, the eldest son of King datus, would inherit the throne, but his father decided in favor of the younger son Moggallana. Kasap kindled hatred for his father and put him in prison, and in 477, he took part in his killing. Moggallana was horrified by the terrible deeds of his elder brother and fled to South India. Fearing reprisals Kasap decided to build the capital in a remote place. And he chose the Sigiriya rock, 370 meters high.

The king and his architects have cleared the area around the rock and built a magnificent city, surrounded by gardens and swimming pools with fonts. Built the most amazing staircase in the world: the steps are carved between the legs, neck and jaws incredible size of a lion.

Lion - the emblem of the state and form of intimidation. Part of the cliff above the head of a lion, was painted images Kasap and his father datus. At the top of the rock was built palace - tsitadatel.

Sigiriya ruins were discovered in the middle of the XIX century English hunter. So far, there are restoration works.


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