Limestone pools Huanglong

Want to enjoy the view of glacier-covered mountain valleys, unique landscapes limestone, beautiful mountain scenery, hot springs and waterfalls? Or maybe you would like to watch the animals listed in the "Red Book"? If so, go to the protected area Huanglong.

"Yellow Dragon" or Huanglong - beautiful and unique buffer zone, which is located in the county Sunpan that Apa Autonomous Region. It is noteworthy that the Tibetans live here, as well as folk chan.

This is one of the most beautiful places of our planet - a wonderful area with crystal clear lakes, gorges, snow-capped mountains and dense forests. However, the key attraction are travertine landscapes. Only in this conservation area inhabitant can please both body and soul landscapes formed in travertine waterfalls, lakes, springs, terraces, thresholds, karst caves, miniature gardens. By the way, also called Huanglong travertine landscape museum world and it is not casual! All this natural wonder has evolved over thousands of years, and it so happened that modern man lucky enough to see the crown of earthly creation.

Huanglong is famous for its vegetation. Here you can find about 1,500 species of higher plants, most of which is found only in China. There is also home to 155 species of birds and 59 species of animals. Most of them are recorded in the "Red Book", for example, bamboo bear, panda, golden monkey, Yunnan leopard, antelope, deer, etc. Belogub
I would like to mention the largest group of reservoirs reserved part of Huanglong, the name of this beauty from the Chinese translated as "Raznotsvet." Just imagine, at an altitude of 3500 meters (above sea level), on a plot of 21,000 square meters. m is located 3,400 beautiful lakes that have Travertine origin. Only after you see with your own eyes this beauty, you begin to realize how beautiful our planet as it is inventive and surprising. Most of these lakes are shallow, with low banks and the water is poured over the edge. It seems that it is small plates and saucers made of green porcelain.
Alas, neither words nor pictures of the local beauty not to betray. Huanglong entire winter dresses in light crisp white robe frost, turning the sea ice and snow, and only these highland reservoirs are blue-turquoise, and it's so fantastic picture that seems as if it's another planet, another world, another you!
On average tier gorge Huanlungou is travertine threshold that stretches 1,300 meters in length, and its width varies in the aisles of 46-124 meters. In fact, it is a demonstration of natural art - many small rapids golden brown woven into one big network, it seems that this is not the backbone, and golden dragon scales which tremble with his majesty and power. Although the size of this "natural museum" quite impressive, acquaintance with it will not take much time and effort. The fact that the formation of travertine are 4 gorges Huanglong, which are located at an altitude of 3000 m. The most famous are Chzhagagou, Huanlugou and Erdaohay.
More awesomeness Huanlungou is that available travertine deposits are now at different periods of life - alone are formed, others regress, and the third and final period did overcome the degradation.

If you want to visit one of the most amazing and beautiful places of our planet and you have to do there is an appropriate means, be sure to visit the protected area Huanglong, you will be surprised and remember it for a lifetime!


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