Teetering on the edge

"Crazy! Suicide! Crazy! "- Some say. "Wizard! Talent! Fearless "- say others. Actions 30-year-old Norwegian Eskil Ronningsbakkena may shock, delight, put in fear and command respect. Top stuntmen and daredevils the world nervously smoking on the sidelines, watching the Bezbashenny teetering on the edge of the tall cliffs.

1. The 30-year-old Eskil Ronningsbakken teetering on the edge of a cliff on a unicycle at an altitude of 1400 meters. (SINDRE LUNDVOLD / BARCROFT MEDIA)

2. Eskil is on hand at the observation platform above the Trollstigen in Norway. (SINDRE LUNDVOLD / BARCROFT MEDIA) 90,168,224

3. And in this photo he is just getting ready to perform a handstand. (SINDRE LUNDVOLD / BARCROFT MEDIA) 60,522,111

4. Eskil balances on several chairs on the cliff at an altitude of 1000 meters over the precipice in Kёragbolt, Rogaland, Norway. (SINDRE LUNDVOLD / BARCROFT MEDIA)

5. Eskil preparing to perform stand on chairs. (SINDRE LUNDVOLD / BARCROFT MEDIA) 33,864,523

6. Eskil also teaches others to do the figures on hazardous areas. In this photo, it shows a figure with one of his students, 25-year-old Moses Vepukhuli from Kenya. This is the first time Moses at this altitude. Eskil coached him in January 2009. (SINDRE LUNDVOLD / BARCROFT MEDIA) 14,836,752

7. Who Eskil traveling with ten people, taking off his incredible feats. His team visited some of the favorite playgrounds Eskil, such as mountain Trollstigen (the first photo). (SINDRE LUNDVOLD / BARCROFT MEDIA) 92,164,521

8. On 2 January 2010: Eskil Ronningsbakken balances on several chairs on the Geirangerfjord in Geiranger, Norway. (SINDRE LUNDVOLD / BARCROFT MEDIA) 53,956,340

9. September 6, 2009: Eskil Ronningsbakken balances over Geirangerfjord. (SINDRE LUNDVOLD / BARCROFT MEDIA)

10. Also in the same time. (SINDRE LUNDVOLD / BARCROFT MEDIA) 84,928,673

11. Eskil Ronningsbakken stands on the one hand with a partner on the edge of a cliff at an altitude of 304 meters in Norway. (BARCROFT MEDIA) 78,021,315

12. On the ice cube over the waterfall. (Sindre Lundvold / BARCROFT MEDIA) 43,909,024

13. Eskil teetering on the edge of a cliff in Norway, while his partner, teaches him a toy gun. This photo was taken in the framework of the advertising campaign in support of the members of the Norwegian police, who constantly risk their lives. (Sindre Lundvold / BARCROFT MEDIA) 62,943,357

14. A more detailed view of the installation. (Sindre Lundvold / BARCROFT MEDIA) 31,463,216

15. April 2009: Eskil on a chair on a pole above the rock Kjaerag Bolten in Norway. (Sindre Lundvold / BARCROFT MEDIA) 10,694,404

16. A more detailed picture stunt "chair on a pole." (Sindre Lundvold / BARCROFT MEDIA) 38,334,031

17. April 2009: Eskil on a steel hoop at the edge of the 1000-meter cliff in Stavanger. (Sindre Lundvold / BARCROFT MEDIA) 57,634,578

18. Almost naked Eskil pushes a bicycle on a tightrope above the fjord Lysefjord in Stavanger. Strong winds nearly spoiled the whole picture when a strong gust bottom almost turned stuntman. (Sindre Lundvold / BARCROFT MEDIA)

Source: bigpicture.ru


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