Unique SUV "Black Crow"

"Black Crow" - a unique home-made car, built by craftsmen from Karaganda. Actually, you need not talk about the car and about an amazing man. In the not very numerous category of people with golden hands and "a bullet in the head." Vladimir, was the name of this wonderful master already has to his credit more than one built from scratch homemade car.

At times it seems that he was born in a piece of iron. Cars it just feels. Any mechanism can be brought back to life. For the knowledge and skills of his friends, even given the nickname - Professor.

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It was in his life. Even from an early age Volodya liked to tinker with the machinery, repair, and tinkering. Study, then served in the army, where the craze continues to gain strength and gain experience in the colonel's car repairing. Then work at the mine, and repair of all kinds of automotive sovavtoproma. During this time we mastered all kinds of work with cars - from repairing the suspension and the engine bulkhead, to tin and painting works. At the beginning of the dashing 90's he was one of the first to return to the life of a broken foreign cars, which began to appear on the streets of our city. All he was interested in, and everything is subject. The machine that drags on a rope, going out of his garage under its own power. And this despite the complete lack of spare parts at the time.

But by the end of the work on the "Triton" Vladimir I was in my head the next project - a powerful all-wheel drive SUV. So there was a "Bars". Built on a homemade frame lined later duralumin. Relatively lightweight body, thanks to the powerful engine from Chevrolet with a volume of 5, 7 placed in front of the rear axle and automatic transmission, get faster. And the independent suspension on torsion of the APC 80 and the flat bottom gives the car a truly enormous off-road qualities. Car found their owners in the face of avid hunters. Comparative tests of the car revealed a huge advantage over serial SUVs. Even the powerful army Hummer H1 overawed by the "Leopard", an attempt to repeat what gets up homemade for Hammer over the breakdown of the frame.

By the way, that at the completion of the project "Leopard" I was fortunate to meet with Volodya. Since then, all the things which his hand hits the lens of my camera. And the construction of each car passes in front of me.

And after the "Leopard" were still machines. Pickup Chevrolet Silverado underwent deep tuning. In order to achieve a good weight distribution was made modifications cab and body, moved into the database engine. Contributed by a large number of changes and additions which can be a long talk.

It was built big foot on the base of the Army Chevrolet. With the use of individual components and parts of the GAZ 66 and on makeshift suspension bellows. Created lightweight buggy with semi-independent suspension and military bridges from Chevrolet. But these machines are worth a separate story, and someday I may tell you more about them.

Now I want to tell you about the last project of Professor. "Black Crow" came for a reason. It has been formulated original terms of reference. We need a fast car for the steppe wolf hunting on the first snow. However, it does not preclude the use for rutting and other animals. The general concept in the mind of Professor matured immediately. For high speeds on rough terrain best option is to buggy concept. And the drive is enough back, but the long wheelbase and wider track will ensure maximum stability. The powerful American V8 from Oldsmobile, located at the base of transmitting torque through the automatic transmission and gearbox from the ZIL 157 rear-wheel drive, combined with the lightweight body, sheathed aluminum and independent suspension on torsion of the APCs will give the car excellent dynamics and an opportunity not to be afraid of bumps and pits.

And then I went several days hard work, some of which can be seen in the photo. Every detail is collected and adapted as needed. Motor and Gearbox fully enumerated, and installed near the center of the car, between the driver and passenger. Double body is made of metal and hand-Duran. Head optics is made up of rectangular American headlights, turn signals and rear stopsignaly of LEDs. Side windows folding. Glass of the driver and passengers can be opened on the go, for this is electric. With electric drive here and the hood, which gives access to the luggage compartment, and some of the mechanisms of the machine.

Installed narrow wheels of agricultural threaded protector like motocross bikes for the fact that the car would "bite" into the ground. In order to provide an opportunity to get out of the car medium difficulty off road captivity underneath is a special samovytaskivatel with chain-driven winch. Anchor spade-exempt easy manipulation, includes an electric motor and cunning chain drive propels the car for the length of the body. But cars turned out quite easy and good coasting on a flat surface is easy to place the power of faces of two people.

The result was something.

6. 7. 8.

In tests carried out, we drove the car, as they say, in the tail and mane.

The car has shown the ability to move across the steppe with great speed - 100 km / h can be regarded as a cruising and under foot has a large supply of gas. This movement is still relatively comfortable. Body through independent suspension, is almost always in a steady position. The professor was pleased with the fact that they applied design solutions proved to be true. And revealed shortcomings in the trials were subsequently corrected in the garage.

Last photo


The car is made, tested and ready for operation. At the moment, "Black Crow" is looking for his master. You ask how much it costs? My answer - not cheap, something like 470th Lexus commercials years 2005-2006. However, as any exclusive, hand-built in such a technical and design level. And Professor in the head is another project ...

Why do I write about this? Because Vladimir is extremely modest and far from all the fuss and further away from the Internet. Yes, he once on the keys pressed. He continues to work.

© Andrey Fadeev



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