It requires royalties for manual work

A parishioner of the Spanish Church on conscience refurbished the mural of Jesus Christ.
Now it requires royalties for their handiwork.
Church began to let tourists and earned the film 2000 euros for four days.

This desire 81-year-old Cecilia Jimenez volunteered after learning that let visitors see the church at its creation. Unsuccessful restored murals caused a public sensation. Photos of her work were printed in newspapers around the world.

Cecilia Jimenez became a hermit after all learned about her amazing artistic talent. Then her supporters have created for her fan page on Facebook.

Winemaker Bodegas Ruberti issued the wine «Ecce Homo» (Ed. - "This man") with the famous image to somehow benefit from this story. A group of artists have dedicated an entire wall of my grandmother's restoration, where fans can post pictures and postcards of her murals.

Also Spanish graffiti artists paid tribute to Jimenez, creating a wall painting her masterpiece.

As a result, the rector of the church instructed a lawyer to do parishioners demanding payment of its work.



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