As we spent Sunday

I do not pretend to have an idea. The idea lies in the way and it should be easy to raise. However, we were a little easier - we have acted on behalf of the youth organization and we had some resources. The human and material. But still to implement such a holiday - the strength each person who is not indifferent to the world around. I would like to share a model, and I hope that among us YaPovtsev, there are active and caring people who do not say - it must make special services / agencies / sports facilities. And who will say - to do my best. The power of my friends. The strength of my surroundings. And we will do this, because to do so correctly!

As we held Sunday. Will be 33 photos.

Actually, the most difficult things in the organization of only one. Decide. And set a date for Once the date is determined and committed to full soul - everything becomes much easier. For each of us it is the resurrection of "worth" 200 rubles, of which went to pay for weaving lease "Gazelle" (bring - back) and weaving for lunch and a small part of it on the props of any bullets, etc. And it will have to spend private time to go to a prospective place of rest and a bit of a look around.

01 That we get to a place, walk on foot for about two kilometers. Age of participants - from 14 to 32 years. We were 18 people.

02 How to assemble people? For acquaintance, threw an angry cry in contact, etc. In a large number of people did not go and did not plan to. Reason: do such a format for the first time, and we can not make mistakes

03 In place of the arrangement of the camp conducted according to the classical canons of society - were younger wood, and older made more responsible preparation

With 04 kids, and adults were held briefings on safety, yet it should not be forgotten. You never know what. We have to relax and have fun. But still boys climbed a tree, had to drive them out politely

05 To the wolves were fed and the sheep are safe, we called their parents, explained the format of the event, etc. In general, failures are not met. Mom, dad were happy to give their children into our hands. Papers permitting secured (just). And the parents were only "for" - even more so nature is now even at that stage, which stands directly between the fierce summer and dreary autumn. This plaque grustetsa and peace of mind in paint begins to redden foliage, falling, beauty, in a word.

06 Oh, forgot to say - most of our youngest daughter - three years folder and mother were close

07 Autumn ... elusive something is there, it is felt that the nature as it starts to fill up, gently, gently. More gray colors, greens dulled. The sky remains all summer, bright and cheerful.

08 We took vozdushki, more precisely - two. One AK-47 CO2, but it summed us, and the second - the Spanish rifle. The strict safety and talked with everyone that this is not a toy. They were afraid of? No, not afraid. When children with serious and thoughtful - they understand everything. They are on your side. They themselves do everything can to vypulnut towards his neighbor. Just do not neglect the TB and always pay attention to the use of weapons.

There were also 09 different balls, sports and so on. The program of activities we planned, - decide to make this a free format. Let each one does what he likes.

10 Rest, rest, rest and relaxation only a parallel between himself and nature, feel that you and the world - is one, what not to do bad things, and then the world, in response, he will thank you a hundredfold.

11 Our youngest participant

12 Student Brothers. It should be noted that the event we did not call the "Walkabout" or is there some other way silly, as they like to call the school and other kindergartens. We had OSA. Autumn Gathering of activists. And so we went only active, with firm attitudes and beliefs of the people. I have to say - yes, there was a small screenings.

13 targets made themselves. Of the several sheets, blind tape rifle in the hands of the younger did not trust, I have always been close to someone older.

14 Rosehip ...

15 From our youngest daughter played all the party, entertained, how could little girl had spent the whole day with a smile on his face and a twinkle in the eyes of

16 forest rangers made the table. They - many thanks. On the table was a feeding trough for birds and small animals, then we put it in place. And they poured water into the trough.

17 This is our food for lunch - a bucket of borscht, sandwiches, something more and more, I even already recollect remained satisfied and happy. Thanks to our girls!

18 And here is the "bucket borscht»

19 Lunch. This rally took preferred boys as a hardy and so on. However, the event has shown - can be taken and girls "in equal shares." All will cope, any difficulties were not insurmountable

20 in the afternoon.

21 They took the guitar was taught everyone who wanted to learn. But, to tell the truth, to the guitar case there was not, there were many other activities. For example - lie in the grass and watch the sky

22 And the evening final - we have agreed with our Volgodonsk paintball club, they are exactly at the appointed time arrived ... and we entertain the people in the completion of the entire paintball UGLI

23 patsanva untrained

24 Preparations for the game

25 Et our activists, students

26 Against the background of photos of the teams should be sure to note that one of the unspoken commandments of our UGLI was a complete rejection of all alcohol, and smoking is not welcome ...

27 But I myself, being a smoker, and I confess that ... I tried to shy away somewhere, hiding as a child, I swear)

28 Break between rounds

29 polish, beauty, and should remain in battle beauty

30 HS mask)) through the visor of the paint on the face of the sample and not traumatic, simply spray))

31 I very much hope and with the right to say that we have made and will continue to apply to this effort - these children need to grow up decent people.

32 Sunset. End of the resurrection. End of holiday, romance, nature, fun and fresh air. Tomorrow is Monday.

33 "Gazelle". All Home. Thank you for attention! I hope very much that this idea, the theme of this holiday does not sink into oblivion, and will someone engine and inspiration!



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