Visiting Lebedev

Writes Artemy Lebedev aka tema: Due to numerous requests of workers publish photos of their humble abode ...
16 ph

1. The apartment is removable (in Russia simply can not buy an apartment, and if so to earn, not to spend the same apartment), house 1914 of construction. Neighbors I never see.

2. Yes, please, that's slippers. Come on. The apartment I made repairs. Close all shelves for books. Demolished one wall. He built the bathroom (to my apartment had an office, where instead of the bathroom was the kitchen). Black painted floors.

3. At the front door - car model Opel. I bought in Finland, I am still under the charm. There's even a steering wheel is rotated by a worm gear.

4. The corridor into the third room, I turned to the closet and open dressing room. Samu third room combined with a second, received a large kitchen / living room / cinema (turns yellow on the left).

5. The entire hall is decorated with plaques from different cities. Half've stole he (Galich - from Kostroma, red - from Kaliningrad), half presented. If you have a street sign - they are happy to replenish its collection. The second half of the collection hanging on the job. Left sticking my favorite poster - a textbook for students of the 1920s "The bar had the power" (speech therapy training - "was in la-to-have-to-wa-la").

6. Books. Wooden leopard - Swaziland.

7. Log in to the bathroom and toilet - through books. Right at the bottom of a folder with documents - wine cork. I prefer dry red.

8. Tron 3D.

9. The cabinet of my design for the stock of toothpaste, trivia, toilet paper and the operational reserve for reading. The door of the cabinet is decorated with my favorite Font composition. Free papers are different - colored, patterned, textured. Orange roll - sandpaper.

10. Shower. At some point I realized that, in principle, do not use the bathroom. And he did not even buy it. Shower the size of two and a half and a half - the poet's dream.

11. The Bedroom. Immediately two closets with clothes that do not have doors, and there are curtains.

12. Kitchen. Previously, it had two mikrokomnaty now one space with an arch in the middle (it was cheaper to leave). Carpet - Russian production. Brilliant beaten marriage produced. To the right is a folding screen.

13. On a shelf - the projector, speakers and player.

14. Posters about food.

15. The kitchen is decorated on the theme of milk. Firstly, I like milk. Secondly, the same kitchen. The walls are decorated with posters "feed better cow Masha - will have milk porridge", "What can you get from milk." Cow with milk pipeline.

16. I love the pre-revolutionary banks. And from different countries bring local capacity for water or tea - somewhere it kettles somewhere amphora somewhere coffeepots.

Well, thanks for coming.



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