Lebedev Studio (66 pictures)

Main office Lebedev Studio is more like a museum of old. Here are collected dozens of old TV sets, hundreds of Soviet plates, sewing and typewriters, posters, cookware, outdoor signage, road signs and even thousands of design objects of different years. Office for 10 years, but it is constantly changing. Every day there are new exhibits, the studio staff are changing the space around them. If you come to the office of the studio in a month, it will have another. I fixed on the status of the office.

The studio was founded in 1995 and was originally called «WebDesign», and received its current name in 1998. In accordance with its rules, the studio does not work with individuals as well as political, religious organizations and asshole. The company's motto: "Design will save the world».

The main office is located in Moscow studios on newspaper Lane studio moved here 10 years ago.

When entering a telephone booth which is specially brought from England, by the way, it was originally green, red painted it in the studio. Also at the entrance are bicycles employees.


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