Lebedev obscenely sent Nokia after MTS

On the main page artlebedev.ru hanging obscene announcement that the studio Lebedev terminate the contract with Nokia.

In RuNet news has already received a substantial response. Members, as always in such cases, were divided into three groups: supporting the odious person and recognized master of self-PR, saying, "This Nokia had a fight with him, it serves him right" and calmly watching the developments.

We managed to come and design variations on the "topic of the day" at the initiative of a popular blogger Usachev.

It is likely that this, like last time, "a game ahead of the curve." Recall that no more than in December 2005, Lebedev also pointedly parted with MTS and then gave the magazine "Expert" the following comment:

"In the shifting world of design, when the customer goes from one studio to another, it often becomes an occasion for wide-ranging discussion. Born dozens of unfounded speculation: the studio is in dire straits, has matured a creative crisis, and so on. We were first told that terminated the contract with MTS to avoid ».

Not ruled out the possibility that Nokia and Lebedev Studio to part for financial reasons: to news2 one user mentioned that the studio has requested for adding news to the site of 1000 dollars.

Artemy Lebedev himself gave no clarification yet on the site studio or in his LiveJournal. Therefore say anything clearly no one can.

via tema.livejournal.com


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