Financial disaster

Money - not a reliable thing, none of us can not control them, they can suddenly appear, as well as disappear.
You work three jobs, postpone these unfortunate pieces of paper, and they are just worthless.

1. In Argentina, disappeared detail - nobody knows why

Imagine you came to the supermarket, and there in front of you apologize and say that now can not sell anything. Then you decide to drop into a small shop to buy at least a bottle of milk. Served cashier bill and it stretches you, instead of putting a box of chocolates. And you're on a diet. You sit down on a bus, but you do not have stuff to buy a ticket. The driver understands what your problem is and offers to exchange your large bills on a trifle, but ... 60 times cheaper than face value.

This mysterious shortage of trivia arose several years ago in Argentina. Nobody really knows where in the third largest economy in Latin America suddenly are all the coins. Argentina's government has accused the ordinary citizens that they allegedly hoarding or melted coins because of the relatively high cost of the metal. People blamed the government for the fact that it is not a sufficient number of coins minted, although in 2008 it was produced 500 million small coins. Whatever it was, but the situation was exacerbated by a trifle every day.

Trade has become a nightmare. Surrender was absolutely nothing to give. Large shops simply closed, and fine imposed instead of putting buyers and chocolate chips. Even banks - the places where they live money, set a limit on the issuance of coins in one hand, despite the threats of the government, that such restrictions would be punished by heavy fines.

Most fortunate bus drivers in Buenos Aires, where the board accepts only coins of a certain value. During this period, they have risen strongly, selling a coin many times more expensive than face value.

2. Entrepreneurs are printing their own money

In 1862, when America went for the second year of the civil war, the government minted coins disappeared from circulation. To conduct any business would become almost impossible, because the government was divided into two parts, and each began to print their own paper money.

In the end, different businesses have started to mint their own banknotes, known today as the Civil War tokens. These tokens and walked among the shopkeepers, and the military, they were used by ordinary citizens. Usually token indicated or the name and location minted its business or any patriotic slogan (or more), such as "If you see that someone is trying to break the American flag - shoot him on the spot».

The problem was that, because at that time the US economy was still tied to the gold standard, then for each printed or minted form of existence of the currency stood a certain amount of gold stored in the vaults of the government.

This means that all that went up in a huge number of "private" money, in fact, completely worthless.


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