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The owner of a pet - a weirdo, and on the other can not be.
Who dares to keep his apartment poisonous creature that can hurt just crazy, I think so.

Scolopendra - representative of millipedes, like a long, dark-brown, sometimes with a greenish tinge worm with lots of legs. In Australia and South America inhabited by huge skolopendry purple, red and yellow. Limbs centipedes have a bright orange color. Length - 15 cm. The largest representative skolopendr lives in Australia - a giant centipede, which can grow up to 30 cm. She even attributed the attack on frogs, lizards and chicks.

A pair of legs turned all skolopendr in maxilliped with claws connected with poisonous glands. A rear pair - in a special dragging legs that help the animal clinging lumps of soil.

There are about 600 species of centipedes. Basically, it is a tropical species that are the most toxic: burns, obtained from tropical centipedes, can die and adult health. In Russia skolopendry found only in the south, but they are virtually harmless. A lot of centipedes lives in the Crimea, on the Mediterranean and the Caucasus. Dwelling underground, it is quicker than at the surface runs around burrows of other animals or she breaks itself moves through multiple legs. Lives centipede underground, not only because it comfortable there, and because her body is deprived of a special coating and it very quickly loses moisture, under the ground it is not threatened: there remains a constant humidity. All skolopendry thermophilic, temperatures below freezing may simply destroy them.

Hunts centipede on small invertebrates - earthworms, beetles and their larvae, spiders. If it comes to the surface, there can catch wasps and flies. Still centipede prefers living creatures inhabiting underground. During hunting centipede relies on his sense of touch - the main feeling for centipedes. The vision they have poorly developed, or rather that he did not developed, because most of the time they spend in the ground. They only distinguish light and darkness.


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