The sign on the door with the number of apartments

Happened then the godfather moving. For a long time I thought that he was present, and he decided to make a sign on the door with the number of apartments. In a mill. Exclusivity. And set to work. Will be 10 photos. Do not break.

First of all, the board found, struganul shlifanul plane and sandpaper. Well spaced base. It will be in the form of a house.

Well, I cut out, of course. The great thing jigsaw

At the mill, of course, have to be wings. Cut wings out of plywood. And cuts to make it appear that they are not of a single sheet, and recruited from the boards.

Axis wings to make of the pine branches. Cut off from her two roundels.

In one of them, is to be at the bottom, made grooves for the installation of the wings. Wings will not rotate. There are simply nailed.
There kruglyashok before the final sanding. With labels, where a wing is.

The second carve Perunov kpect. Suppose that protects apartment. Well, he's just beautiful.

Based on the number of cut out flat again grind and varnish. At the top of visible holes for studs, which will be nailed to the axis of the wings. I do while on the basis yet been applied thrust to not nail crooked. Holes symmetrical again, specifically to nail down as planned.

Also, the varnish wings and axle components.

Well, collect the mill.



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