Winter hiking: Celestial Teeth!

I decided now to share with you their pictures and impressions from the winter of last year's campaign. All photos here, of course, does not lay out,
but 32 images will show

This is me at the signpost directions to shelters.

9 kilometers passed. The chapel stands on one of the shelters in honor of those killed in the mountain climbers.

We climb to the pass. There is not a difficult climb.

We got to the place of our first spending the night. a small shelter. Inside, not very comfortable, as many angles promёrzli.

Our transport

This is the next day. Winter taiga!

Another 12 kilometers passed. Another shelter, covered with snow.

Produced water for lunch ...

Afternoon semikilometrovy move over the snow was very tedious. Long walked through the dark. Here I am tired ...

This morning in a tent sfotal. Uyutnenko warm breath ... with sleeping bags kurzhakom settles on the tent.

Morning temperatures. B-p-p-p !!!

Cook breakfast.

One of the vertices.

Plow on virgin soil.

We chose a place next overnight stop. This is the last oasis on the slopes. Then only the bare crust. Tomorrow the assault and the top of the pass.

I am writing a diary. Travel notes, so to speak.

the next morning. Since then the slope is steeper, then wrapped with rope on skis to not pushed back.

On the slope. Here the snow is already thick (real), so on we go without skis. Skiing on a rope behind him.

Still higher, and higher, and higher ...

From there, we went from the bottom here. this valley we walked for two days.

We climbed to the pass. It is clearly seen snow sastrugi. The wind here is hosting a vengeance.

Kote ran ...

The next goal. Peak 40 years of the Komsomol. The height of 1836 meters.

On the top!

We leave a note at the top that we were here.

Then to go down and to ski did not leave ahead of us, stuck in their backpacks. Maybe take off ...

There is already again in the taiga.

Fir stick.

Again at the shelter (which slept for the first time). These are the ads there. But generally people conscious tourists.


Temperature last night tipped the scales!
Hence, we have half a day jumped back to the train.

All! Thank you for attention!



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