Portrait of drawing pins with their own hands.

Well dear friends it is time to tell you about one of my major works, namely the portrait of drawing pins. It was completed in the spring of that year, but in the summer flew hard and with it a lot of pictures with the process of work. And the mood was not maybe, the girl went, but oh well like let go already. Finally I was able to recover most of them and now I can share with you their work. Immediately apologize for the quality of some of the photos. Fotkal so that arm fell.

So prehistory. Somewhere 1.5 years ago in LiveJournal (and there seems too) was the story of how one man made a portrait of the girl of the buttons as a gift. His work seemed to me very interesting and in my head began to appear the rudiments of a desire to do the same for their favorite. In addition, for this was a very serious reason, because at that time "seriously quarrel" and really wanted to make it up. And in the end of December 2010, I decided to start working on the same portrait. And they went to the preparatory activities. So as an artist of me as a test of the bullet, it was decided to do as well as my predecessor, namely to convert a photo and make a template for the mosaic. The basis for this photo was taken. I do not know why I chose it, but because of all the photos that are most liked.

Since the buttons are on sale in all 6 colors, namely white, yellow, green, red, blue and black, it had to reduce the number of colors in the image. Pereprobyval bunch of programs and eventually found one for creating templates for embroidery, cross-stitch was just such a color extravaganza. Prior to this, try to index the colors in Photoshop, but getting a complete mess.

It was decided to do a portrait of sizes 77h100 buttons, the basis was just taken fiberboard sheet (half the city traveled behind him, no one wanted to sell pieces but only whole. As a result, two weeks later found the right piece of OBI, which was only 10 cm more than you need). Accordingly, I would need a minimum of 7700 buttons. And here pandemonium began with the search for material. Calling a bunch of offices on stationery and notice lots of miles to shop finally found a big wad of keys on 300sht. each about. It was finally bought 35 packs of buttons. You should have seen his eyes cashier who punched me all this kit.

Buttons way boxes were mixed, so knocking them together, I worked two days sorting. As a result of the sorted keys on the photo.

Further, preparations began for the web, namely sheet fiberboard. It consists in applying the cell grid with cell size 1x1 cm. One and a half hours of torment and here is the result.

Since fiberboard button just stick pretty hard (or rather not so when they couple pieces, but when such amount is pipets fingers), it was decided to put a hole in space where there should be a button. My predecessor decided to drill them, but I thought that the sample will be faster. As a result, made of a single button and the cap from the marker here is an awl.

The first four rows of the enthusiasm I pierced pretty quickly.

And then began a three-week saga punching holes, lots of mat calluses on your fingers and pain in the joints. It looked like this.

After graduating samoekzekutsy it is time to start directly to the assembly. But the thing. Black buttons in our town for sale at all. Not to order them and wait a lot of time searching and waiting, I decided to just repaint them. Especially that some colors buttons I had more than necessary. As a result naryl piece of foam and poke him in buttons for painting.

After staining, they began to look like. This is only a small part of me right black buttons. As a result, it was necessary to paint another 9 servings.

Well, all the buttons are painted, finally beginning to build. To her relief on 9 sheets was printed pattern, and focusing on it, I started poking buttons. Poked mostly after work hours up to 2 nights.

After 4 days.

After 2 days.

After a further 2 days.

Finish 2/3 portrait (the button in the nightmares).

Continue to work.

A little more.

Ur-ah-ah! As a result, with short breaks for this business about a month left. I would also add that in the last two weeks of the assembly was a sharp pain in the lower back and the remaining 2/3 portrait I dotykival sitting on 7 pillows as he could not stand at all.



And then had forced to take a break for two weeks because it came down to the hospital with lumbar hernia. Coming out of her continued work with the installation of the stiffeners. The photo only vertical, but then were added and horizontal. At the end of the fortress in the corners secured their metal corners.

Rama decided to make DSPshnoy cashing. At the beginning like solid wood, not sawdust, but did not find the desired width. Color wanted to leave about the same, and then lacquered.

But the main critic who is also an object of sympathy was against it, saying that the silver color will suit better.

It was decided to have to carry a gift to her and paint there, since she lived in the country and on the street is much easier to paint than paint the house to breathe. But it was spring. Cats ran for cats, beetles flew over zhuchihami and eventually after applying a layer of silverfish, while the cox, all these animals had time to leave his mark on it in history. It was decided to places toned black frame.

Finally, after drying, with associated fauna turned scaring any such result. Outcome spent 4 months and a lot of health to the assembly, including the search for material. Portrait weighs about 10 pounds. There are about 10 packs of buttons, what to do I do not know.

I have all the ladies and gentlemen.



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