Railroad from childhood

So, 25 years ago, my dad gave me a wonderful magical gift. Bought for 60 rubles (!!!) set of German railway Pico. I must say that before I had another set of locomotive and three cars, but because of lack of love for locomotives (small was still) too small age I had successfully pro ... lost, leaving only the rails and rectifier. By the way, recently laid out in such a reportazhik sostavchik.
And then there was a set of modern / Railway stock, which fascinated me so that this set has stayed with me for many years succeeding two homelands. I will not torment you long tryndezhom, and move on to the point. Quality of photos is not ice-fotik weak.

Thus, 25 years have passed.
We begin, of course, with the locomotive. Here he is handsome. When I was about 10, I had to understand and put into the body of the light bulb from the garlands that guzzled an incredible amount of power and brakes composition, but in the locomotive glowing windows and light.

Secondly, I always picks up the twin brothers trans-European Express.

Pay attention to the bottom of the wagon which attention to detail, it is not the HS is turned PIKO today




My pet-compartment car

He also note the open window.

Now I will explain why pet.
See black in the toilet window?
Once the van crashed and he broke inside the body mount, nothing wrong but now housing can otschelknut.

So, under the shaded window in the cabin of the car showed up, though not too detailed but quite distinguishable toilet with toilet and washbasin !!!
Now everything. Can cry with delight and envy



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