Moscow Ring Railway

The author made a trip to another world, a ride on the service locomotive of the HDC.
The one which was built more with the king-father, and then forgotten.
Let's go on a journey with him.

Who I remembered about the road again, and want to make it the basis of a new public transport - Bahn. Previously, this road runs through the deaf outskirts of Moscow, in a hundred years it was almost in the center. But what about the road - a real timeless. Let's make a complete circle of the ring and zheleznodorzhnomu look at another Moscow.

1. Early in the morning Monday-motrisa locomotive went to the station Cherkizovo in the counterclockwise direction. Passengers - MOR experts whose task was to verify the project drawings with existing realities and something to celebrate in their notebooks.

2. The train picks up speed.

3. We pass out Losinoostrovskaya.

4. Car Wash in early LOSINOOSTROVSKY. A few times I was there washing the car and looked at the railroad. Now, I looked the other way around.

5. In the vicinity of the station Belokamennaya number of paths increases, there are freight cars.

6. Sad and beautiful autumn birch forest. One branch goes somewhere right in the forest. Perhaps this is part of a road that ends dismantled the rails in the woods: is there a disused line.

7. Near Yaroslavl highway ring railway runs across the bridge over the tracks Yaroslavl direction.

8. Next is a platform Northerner. At this point, plan to make transport hub, so that people can move from one train to another. For example, you are traveling from Pushkin in Moscow to work, but you need to south of the city. In order not to go to the station and then the subway, you can make a change and go already w / d ring. In theory, very convenient.

9. The largest shopping center in Moscow - "Golden Babylon" in the Yaroslavl. Apparently, his little space, construction of new housing.

10. These areas between the Yaroslavl highway and Altufevskoe are very far away from the metro. But near railroad passes. If there is to build the station, people can quickly get out of your sleeping area.

11. Wilhelm Pieck Street and the intersection with travel Serebryakov.

12. Here, in front of the subway Botanical Garden, I saw something strange: the gate of Chinese or Japanese temples and monuments. I've never seen this before, it seems, from the street you can not get there. It is said that here planned expansion of the territory ENEA and planned to build a pavilion in the Asian style.

13. Around the monument - a huge wasteland has long grassy paved with concrete slabs. And the fence. A large piece of land used by nobody.

14. Backyard VVC.

15. Away - Otradnoe district and mosque. And in the foreground, next to the "piece of iron" - strange structure. Some semi-abandoned production, garage cooperatives. Traces of life here is almost not noticeable.

16. In general, almost all along the trip I saw a lot of empty or abandoned areas. It's very bad condition, is falling apart, resembles one big dump. At the same time it says that in Moscow there is no free space.

17. As the non-cropland land porostaet weed here all overgrown garages.

18. Some of them have crept up against the rails. Distance from the train to the garage just a half meters.

19. In the garage hang men of the old school and the new quenching Tajiks. They love their garages and do not want to be pulled down. And they must be demolished during the reconstruction.

20. Our family also has a garage. The car in it kept my grandfather thirty years ago. Then the machines went every day, and go to the park for half an hour on the bus was considered normal. But it does not obstruct the courts. When cars became more and accelerated time, people become lazy to travel far for their machines. Personally, I do not mind if the on-site garage my grandfather built something useful. Hospital or school, for example. But some stubborn abut.


22. Dmitrov highway. Normally this area is in a traffic jam. If there is to build the railway station, and instead of garages - a great intercept parking, people will be able to get to where they need to.

23. Bus fleet. And garages.

24. Line trains Savyolovsky direction.

25. And this is another sleeping area. There have arranged some kind of storage container directly under the windows.

26. Occasionally across oncoming freight train.

27. There was demolished part of the garage and build a normal modern parking. Make room.

28. Here are more barns. In the background can be seen the two new parking. Can you imagine how much space is available, if carry this society? Instead, the program "People's Garage" I would suggest that the government dismantle all of these cooperatives and each return to boxing in this free parking. Would free a lot of space for the construction, including new homes.

29. Leningradka near Falcon. Also a place of eternal traffic jams. Build a station here and hooks on-site parking garages - people will go around the ring on the train, in the center of a detour.

30. Panfilov Street. Soon the neighborhood will be held chord. There could build a new hospital or a university place. But garages citizens more necessary.

31. Suddenly, ahead of us, puffing and sneezing, a huge black locomotive !!! The real as a movie or a museum. It turns out that in Moscow there is a locomotive excursions on this very ring! And I do not know. I'll ride.

32. Conceding retropoezd, we return to the main path.

33. The complex of the "Moscow City". There are several road junctions, which I had never seen. Apparently, they have built, but not yet opened.

34. Part of the path runs parallel to the Third Transport.

35. Which, of course, is in traffic.

36. And under the overpass Luzhnetskaya have quite a large parking lot. You knew about it?

37. Motrisa dives into the tunnel under the Leninsky Prospekt. The tunnel has a platform. This unfinished station "Gagarin Square." Aprons made many years ago, had already had the idea to put passenger trains on the ring.

38. Kanatchikovsky fare. The nearest station to my house. Who knows, maybe in a few years I'll get off here by car, leave it in the parking lot and go to the train somewhere Sviblovo. Will even faster than the subway.

39. The station building still before the revolution. For stations promise to build a new modern building, but assured that none of the historical demolished not.

40. The ring road runs right through the plant ZIL. It occupies a vast territory.

41. And almost all of them abandoned. Here's what you need to carry in the first place. But there are plans to create a new car-chlenovoz is also leading company!

42. A near road enthusiasts comes a huge building.

43. This is part of the north-east belt road. Initially we planned to build the Fourth Ring Road, but then changed their minds.


45. Part of the ring, however, has managed to build. Between Guerrilla and Semenovskaya have a piece of a broad highway, on which no one goes: it begins and ends with narrow streets.

46. ​​Hotel Izmailovo. Again, the railway some strange territory. The place will train station.

47. Izmailovo Kremlin is very beautiful. I've never been there. Before him, and I could not see because of the Cherkizon. Tell me, the Kremlin remake or not? What's inside? It should go?

48. And we're back to the station Cherkizovo. The trip took three and a half hours. If the idea of ​​the city trains will be put into practice, it will be possible to drive the same way to a maximum of an hour. I think it is a good idea, the main thing that was brought to the end. If everything is done in the mind, the road can not just unload the flow and give people a convenient transportation, but also to develop infrastructure around now along the roads really any "zone of oblivion».

The news says that the movement of passenger trains will begin here already in 2015, the year. Users of Railways said that the real date - 2018 th. What do you think, will be built? And anyway, what do you think of such a city train?



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