The history of my adolescence, if I may say so.

Oh, where to start and do not know.

I was 14. Beautiful age when parents can barely watch over, but their brains not yet had time to grow. On TV while going about the transfer of psychics, mediums, and other nonconformists. And characteristically, was presented with all the screens in such an atmosphere of elitism and the election, listing the "indisputable facts" serious voices that people with fragile psyche took the TV close to the heart.

Naturally inquisitive adolescent brain is absorbed. And what does the monkey's next? Correctly. The monkey repeats. The school as a spread with her friends and Katya Alinka a word that would be nice to someone deceased encourage and nice to talk to him "for life". What to talk with Stalin or Peter the Great, we did not know, so we decided to call someone from the dead relatives. Since objects are defined, but in fact, as it turned out (thank you, zomboyaschik), just not to call out. We need special equipment in the form of candles, paints and crafty devaysa by which will be designed to communicate with the spirit. Katya suddenly appeared in the subject, so was appointed responsible for the inventory. As a springboard for our occult manipulation Alinka, happy owner of my mother, working in shifts, provided his room in an empty apartment. I, the physical development, was sent to the store for champagne, as to disturb the spirits sober us even theoretically been ssykotno. Fortunately, in the "light" while the passports of young cashiers are not required.

And then came Saturday ho. Take time off for the night to Alinka - a piece of cake. Not for the first time. A bottle of champagne and a package with any occult paraphernalia were previously placed in a room at Alink. Cooking will not describe. Basically hihanki-hahanki drunk girls. Bottom line: the corners of the room are placed lighted candles on the floor in the center of the room repainted watercolors of some cunning sign Katkinoy books. Around the same sign candles. Tightly shuttered windows, vents and doors throughout the apartment shut. Mirror Alinkinogo dressing table in the room was covered with a sheet. On the sign in the middle of the room Katka put means of communication with the dead - a sheet of paper on which were arranged in a circle letters. Something similar can be seen in American horror movies, but there are a plate moves, and we had a needle on a string. In theory, the one who calls the dead, put the needle tip into the center of the sheet and holds a string. Then ask the question, and they all look where the needle will turn. Well, with a pencil and notepad to write letters. So, if briefly.

In general, the end of the preparations, when the light has been extinguished, and the three of us sat around the sheet with the letters, from the hop was gone. Frankly, it was very scary. The silence in the dim light of the room suddenly very much wanted to go home. But you can not leave, to her friends was awkward. It is now, I would spit on everything and run away, and then ... but what I explain, they were still teenagers. Urge decided to take turns. Pulled to the first match. Guessing whom the lot fell? Lucky me. As a "dead companion," I chose my grandfather on my mother's side. Nikita Grandfather died in an accident when my mother was seven years old. My mother always spoke well of him. A kind-hearted man, and my mother was very much loved. Further, according to the ritual and Katkinym instructions needed to read something like a spell to summon. They joined hands. Read aloud in unison. Literally spell I do not remember, but something like this:

Calling from the grave, the coffin out of the board.
nail to the coffin lid,
the wreath that on his forehead,
devils on earth
with hands on the ropes, from the ropes to the ground
by posthumous candles,
cold feet come to my call.
To circle the call, I call the cemetery.
Come to me, the servant of God Nikita. The coffin with no windows, no doors, among the people, and not among the people.
Here, here we are waiting for you !!!
Here, here we are waiting for you !!!
Here, here we are waiting for you !!!

Then I took a needle and Katka notebook and pencil. I must say that the needle when you hold her for a thread, does not stand still, constantly spinning. I even whispered Katya: "How to read something and how to distinguish the signals from his grandfather from a simple wiggle the needle?". But the friend shrugged. Closing my eyes, I began to ask the same question: "Grandpa you with us?" You could ask three times when suddenly Alinka screamed and pointed to the needle. It was something unimaginable. The needle has stopped revolving and firmly indicated with the letter "D", wait a bit, I moved to the letter "A". More in a few seconds the needle again become fluctuate erratically as if it let go of the invisible hand. The girls looked at each other. Horror pinned me completely. I do not know how to find the strength to ask the following question: "What do you want to tell me, grandfather?". At this time, repeat did not, just looked at the needle. The needle quivered and at intervals of one or two seconds of the start point "C", "B", "E" ... I quickly ceased to follow the letters, but tried to control myself and not let the thread. When the needle again "liberate" Katka showed me a notebook in which the uneven handwriting was written: S A T E P R O S T A G & W in W About D & K I. Light - this is my mother, but about what studs in question, I do not understand. At that moment there was a soft whimper from the Alink. It turns out the needle, the thread of which was still clutched in my fingers, I began to waver. It was not chaotic fluctuations, and more like a struggle. That is, the needle deviated sharply in one direction and then the other as if it someone twitched, the movement is repeated. Just suddenly it dawned on me that it was someone or something very quickly points us to the same letter. I glanced at Katya, but she is spellbound already scratched something in pencil on notebook. Katya suddenly stopped, her face was white as chalk, and his eyes filled with tears. She slowly, as in a dream, showed us a notebook Alink. Just one word: B E G T E.

We sat, transfixed, unable to move from terror. In my fingers still trembled thread with a needle on the end. And suddenly the room was rapidly getting dark. I looked at the candle, which stood next to me. With flames was something supernatural. It simply fade, as if the room ended oxygen. Time passed painfully slow. After about a minute, the candle went out completely, and the three of us were in pitch darkness. At that moment I clearly heard from the mirror dressing table, which was behind me, I crawled sheet. Until now run through my skin "goose bumps" when I remember that sound behind her. I do not know, whatever it was all over, if a sheet, sliding on the mirror, do not hurt Alinkinu ​​vase and dumped it on the floor. The ringing of broken glass sounded to us as a signal to start. Shouting in all throat, swallowing tears of horror, we were bursting at the dark apartment to the side door. Running out onto the street, we have three frightened girl, without saying a word, ran to my house. Barefoot, without clothing.

We opened the door, my mother. The first broke into the house of Katya, her Alinka, I slammed the door. Running is very surprised by my mother in the kitchen, the three of us, the first time in the last half hour to feel safe, burst into tears. My mother tried to ask us about the causes of this hysteria, but we just sobbed and wiped her tears. After about an hour we otpaivaniya tea, my mother received answers to their questions. Told mostly me. Part of the story about the champagne, I certainly missed, but otherwise everything expounded in great detail. My mother looked at us with a slight smile, looking like seasoned parents lives in their offspring stupid. Exactly to the point, as I said in my grandfather's words: "Light, forgive me for pinks." Mom's face suddenly changed, became angry. Grabbing my shoulders, my mother cried: "Where? I did not tell anyone. Who told you? Grandmother?". I could only whisper, I do not understand what it was about. Let me go, my mother covered her face with her hands and burst into tears. Now it was my turn to make tea. After a while, we girls have learned, what does this strange phrase about carnations.

There was everything in my grandfather's life last summer. He is very proud of the fact that my mother went to school in September, and kept repeating: "Sveta, you'll be the most beautiful first-grader at school, and on the first of September, I'll buy you a huge bouquet of carnations." In mid-August my grandfather Nikita had an accident and died, and did not keep his promise.

We spent the night at my house. Despite the mess left from Alink and open apartment door, go back at night, even accompanied by my mother, there was no desire. The next morning the girl went home. Despite the fact that during the night of the ill-fated apartment nothing is missing, Alinka still received from the mother of a mess, and the open door. As far as I know, since in his room Alina no longer slept. And we talk with the girls about the events of that night are no longer remembered.

Much water has flowed since then, forgotten the details of our seance, but one thing I ask you, dear readers: do not mess with the forces and mothers who do not understand. For the sake of your own safety. After all, if we are very lucky that did not meet with those from whom we have saved my grandfather.

by: Sigismund Lazarevic

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