The second life of the old Soviet watches

My first post is traditionally do not ask much kicking. Will be 15 photos. During restore order in the warehouse, which in ancient times was the industrial facilities, were seen and capitalized watch Soviet-made.

Hours of course not working. Having the necessary tools and materials, I wanted to give them a second life.

3. Clockwork these hours there. There are simply drive to the shooter (secondary time), which is controlled by the electronic control unit (primary clock). Such a scheme is used at the facility in connection with the ease of operation a few hours at a time and centrally. In addition, a significant reduction of the clock, and make them unpretentious to the environment, ie, they can be used in unheated rooms, in dusty conditions, etc. It is clear that for many years was a ruin skommunizzhen control unit. Search for new no desire, and do not need it in my case.

4. Dial decided not to touch it - I wanted to keep the logo "Arrow".

5. The special composition was removed old paint and tipped sandpaper surface from paint residues and rust.

6. The next step blew out balonchika primer.

7. For a long time thinking about coloring in the end it was decided to paint in gloss black with red stripes. Inside the body are hands, already painted in black, masked special paper tape and blow out the red paint. Black paint - two-component automotive, red - special paint for modeling. Dul airbrush. In fact, it had to be repainted twice due to lack of experience in the painting of the metal.

8. Put the mask to apply red ring

9. The case is polished and ready to spray lacquer

10. arrow onto your mounted. As without a global conspiracy watchmakers)

11. Mechanism to take an ordinary Chinese. Afraid that will not pull the arrow, but the clock has been operating for a few days, the correct time is shown.

12. The dial is washed out, the new cut glass. The clock on the wall ask to

13. The glossy sheen lacquer gives the "Futura". More precisely it's not quite nail polish and polish floors.

14. Hours found two. Here lie and wait for their turn

15. I would be very grateful for the idea of ​​what style to refurbish them. From their own ideas - in the style of Fallout or just cover the carbon. The process, if interested, will once again exhibited here. That's all I wanted to say. Thank you for attention.



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